i need help……again 8D

well, i haven’t decided yet who Ga-In’s first love should be.. and my head freakin hurts just thinking about it XD

so if you guys have suggestions as to who her first love should be, just post a comment..

i’d really appreciate your help 8)

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9 Responses to i need help……again 8D

  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    i mentioned the first love to be Kim because i want a “forbidden love” this time… you know, a married man wanting Gain as his “other woman” hehehe… i hope i’m making sense here =P

    or you could make her “grade school teacher” be Gain’s first love then =P

    lame!??!?! can’t think of anyone else, mianhe =(

  2. AdamCouple4eva says:

    hmmmm..how bout DooJoon or Jun Tae Soo (AML cast)??to common??
    or you can use Fahim kekekekeke~

  3. liliputz says:

    what about Lee Seung Gi or maybe Seung Ri (big bang) or GDragon(big Bang…I heard a rumor in the 07 year, GDragon likes GaIn). If not Taecyon 2pm (he tall too…like your description in the chapter 13,when jo kwon have dream about someone who take away GaIn from Hospital). and another person who I know is Kim Jong Wook (he have duet with GaIn, he so sweet to GaIn. you can watch in here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5PHxATriTU )

    I don’t like if a person who already married have another woman or fallin in love with another woman…so please don’t used Kim or her “grade school teacher”. It’s better if you used Dojoon’s name or character’s name in the AML.

    that’s my opinion….maybe can help you 😀
    btw, I’m really waiting for the next chapter…..

  4. bloodybedsheets says:

    ahahahhaahhaha!!! that’s DAEBAK amanda!!! laughed without sounds at the monitor i’m using right now!!! FAHIM@?@??@?@?@?!?!? that made me laugh!!!

    but why not!??!?!?! FAHIM anyone!??!?!?!?

  5. goof says:

    i’ve seriously been wracking my brain, trying to come up with a name for you for the last several days hehehe no help at all… all i can think of is JK lol, this is bad

    @adamcouple4eva and bloodybedsheets .. you girls have gone lost your mind, FAHIM!!! lol.. it never occured to me at all…

    hello silent lurker here

  6. Dawn says:

    Having the salt room man as Ga-in’s first love would be…errrr….

    I LOLed at the Fahim thought. Why not?
    I like liliputz suggestion on Kim Jong Wook, I already saw that vid and they were sweet there, especially the part on him putting on a necklace on her. 😛

  7. ahahah says:

    IM SEULONG ! haha …

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