The One I Love – Chapter 19


Kwon waited patiently. He was an hour early. He looked at the bouquet of white roses resting on the table and smiled.

She likes these. I definitely got this one.

He stood up to check if GaIn already arrived and saw BEG’s nanny van park in front of the restaurant. His heart suddenly thumped harder like it’s their first date…again.

He fixed his coat and tried to hide his nervousness. He tried to pull off a sexy smile but it immediately fade when the nanny van’s door swung open.

His smile was replaced with an amazed look…so amazed that it made his jaw drop.

Oh. My. God.

He kept his eyes fixed on the extra gorgeous woman who just stepped out of the nanny van. He can’t explain his feelings. It’s like, he’s having butterflies in his stomach.

She looks like a goddess who just went down fresh from the heavens.

No one could deny the look on his face. It’s like O___O <<yes, like this.

“Hello? Earth calling Mr. Jo Kwon.” GaIn giggled as she snapped her fingers in front of Kwon’s face.

“Ah… Oh, uhm, hi.” Kwon blushed out of embarrassment for being too amazed at how GaIn looked. His ears are like dead red already and GaIn could tell that he’s being shy.

“Are we just gonna stand here the whole night?” GaIn finally said.

“Oh. Right. Sorry. Our table’s this way.”

Somehow he felt proud while leading GaIn to their table. Even though it was GaIn’s mom who had prepared the reservations, he added some details to make the date more memorable.



GaIn tried hard hiding the amazement she feels when she saw how charming Kwon looks that night. She definitely can’t hide her MORE amazement with what Kwon had prepared. She’s quite sure her mom was not the one who looked into such details.

There are rose petals artistically placed on the floor, candles extravagantly lighting the path they were walking, a violinist playing a very solemn and romantic tune and a bouquet of her favourite flowers – this time, she’s sure it’s for her.

Wha…….Whoa~ This is just awesome. I never expected him to be this kind of guy. He had always been a kkab on TV and I don’t think we’ve been that close in real life. So he is THIS kind of guy.

GaIn waited patiently as Kwon pulled her seat.

“Do you like it?” Kwon asked.

“Well, nice try Mr. Jo. Not as sloppy as I expected.” GaIn still maintained her chic attitude despite her being too overwhelmed with what she’s seeing.

She looked at Kwon and saw him pouting.

“Haha, I’m just kidding. It’s really nice. You did well.”

“Thanks~ So, shall we order now?”

As expected, GaIn ordered the most expensive and most delicious-looking food on the menu while Kwon settled for a simpler and more familiar food for him.

“Champagne?” offered Kwon.

“I’d love that.” GaIn smiled.

Hmm.. Should I ask him first or should I wait until he spills?

GaIn is beginning to feel tensed. She knows she had to ask “something” to Kwon but doesn’t know how to start.

“Uhm, so…” GaIn’s sudden talking shocked Kwon.


GaIn let out a deep sigh.

This is it.. I should ask him directly about that matter.

“Wha…….” GaIn stopped talking when she heard a familiar voice called her.

“GaIn?? Is that you?”

She turned around to see where the voice came from and saw a handsome young man in a black gorgeous suit – her first love.



Author’s Note: The last part of this chapter may lack some details… i purposely didn’t include unimportant stuffs hehe.. hopefully next chapter would be up next week.. enjoy~~ oh, and thank you than you thank you soooo much for those who are still patiently waiting.. i deeply appreciate it ^___^

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12 Responses to The One I Love – Chapter 19

  1. AdamCouple4eva says:

    Hoaaa..i’ve just commented at ur last post..suddenly i found this 🙂
    love it..trully love it..
    they saw each other n got stunned 😉
    omo~her 1st love??is he kwon’s competitor? will definitely be long road for kwon to get Gain back..
    till the next chap ^___~

  2. bloodybedsheets says:

    hehehe tahnks for the filler chari!!! hehe i love how you make us readers feel the “spark” with this date they’re having =P hehehe… but why oh why… so bitin!! and the “first love,” is that HIM again!??!?! you know, the guy Kim!?!??! is he the salt room man or…

    sorry for bugging you with questions… you just have to finish what u started!!! no buts!!!

    • i hate to make you feel “bitin” haha but……….i’m not spilling who this guy is for now ^___^ haha please look forward for the next chap~

    • AdamCouple4eva says:

      I think its not Kim coz his already Kim only a guy who shared GaIn’s 1st kiss..and this guy was GaIn’s 1st love?who is he??doojoon??(just my guess kekeke~)

  3. AdamCouple4eva says:

    Yeah..same with u anderei!!
    kekeke..(here i am again bugging u)
    so did u guys manage to go popcon (sorry i forget whats the event name keke..) was it?

    • bloodybedsheets says:

      @amanda kpop con =P we weren’t able to go.. athenarei and me planned to go but certain circumstances just have to happen and that’s it… chari had a “minor” car accident so she declined coming too…

      and 2am didn’t come here in the phils, too bad… but when they do, we’d sure be coming and giving a fan account for you guys!!!

    • thanks for reading AND commenting always haha i still have tons of silent readers TT___TT *hugs you*

  4. AdamCouple4eva says: goes same with u anderei!!
    kekeke..(here i am again bugging u)
    so did u guys manage to go popcon (sorry i forget whats the event name keke..) was it?

  5. athenarei says:

    ^^Silent reader surrendering now ~LOL.

    Thanks for this update ^_^ *see I’m all smiles now …
    I like the details on this date, romantic indeed! Rose petals, champagne, violin playing ~awww! Who wouldn’t feel the LOVE with this kind of atmosphere =)

    Will wait patiently for your updates, be safe =)

    ^^Back to being a ‘silent reader’ ^^hehehe …

  6. kiechan says:

    woaaa thanks for an update!!
    totally love this fic~~ 🙂 🙂 🙂
    see you in next chapter ^^/~~~

  7. Carla Ysabelle says:

    hmmm.. i always check this site.. whenever i have time.. because i want to read more of your fanfic.. 🙂
    hope you update soon… 🙂

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