i just found out about athenarei’s blog 8DDD omg i felt like i missed a lot already 8DD *excited much, sawry~ XD*

seriously, i think we need to write a collab.. i mean, me, athenarei and anderei 8D *other pinoy ff writers, i still don’t know you~ please lemme be your friend too 8DD* LOL

wooooo~ im suddenly overly excited LOL


edit: oh, and sorry my dear friends, i haven’t read your fics cus my connection is being a bitch 8( will read it on monday 8DDD

collab collab collab~~ 8DDD

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  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    wow?!?!?!? a collab!??!?! we discuss first of the plot, then the sequencing and…!??!?! how should we do that!??!? have you ever done a collab before!?!??! i’m thinking of writing something about xmas but can’t think of anything yet =P

    nway, i’d like you to be friends with our fellow filipino authors – ASHEREL and DAWN =p

  2. AdamCouple4eva says:

    omo~nice idea..
    you guys really should write together ^^
    and as a loyal fan I’ll be waiting (im)patiently and looking forward to it kekekeke~
    I’m sure it’ll be DAEBAK!!

  3. athenarei says:

    ^^It’s a great idea chari! But as per anderei, how are we supposed to do that?!?!?! And where are we going to post it?!?!

    ~Dawn and Ash are our new friends =) They write awesome fics, too … And more are at the forum IAMfor2AM, I met Kaye there … I constantly talk to her thru twitter …

    ~@anderei – I read Kpopnation is on the 29th not 27th, are you going? What if we meet there with the rest, exciting iyon, di ba?

    • bloodybedsheets says:

      yup, i’ll be going for sure!!! aun lang, ganado ako pag andyan kayo mga ka-meet, pag wala hinde na lang ako punta…

      nway, the meet-up would be good, lalo na pag may collab fic hehehe… what if we leave the pilot chapter to chari, then you write chapter 2 and then goes my turn on the third chapter!?!??! quite hard(?) but we could do that right??!?!?!

      *waves to kaye*


      • loool bakit sken pilot? XDD ako lang pinaka-excited pero ako pinaka-lame D: haha kpopnation on the 29th? san ba? 8D sana makapunta ako 8D lol

      • athenarei says:

        ~Whoa anderei, bakit sa iyo iyong chapter 3?! *Glances to Chari, parang andaya, noh?!*^^hehehe …

        If the system will be like that, then it’s like a ‘CHARADE’, dugtungan ng story(?) … Kinda hard, yeah, pero exciting naman … It will be epic if we pull through this ^^haha … Unlucky lang if one experiences a writer’s block …

        I hope you can come Chari, and sana iyong iba din makarating …

      • lol haha charade nga ang dating.. XD it’d be hard for the *ehem* first writer XD since *ehem* the first writer *ehem* should think about a good storyboard 8D

        i dont think i can make it on the 29th, though.. it’s almost the year-end.. my cousins will be going back here in bataan.. no place to stay in manila O_O

  4. Dawn says:

    OMG~ you are already in chapter 19 of “The one I love”? It’s been a long time since I visited your blog. 😦 Hello….Dawn by the way πŸ˜€

  5. Dawn says:

    OMO~ I need to read you other chapters

  6. bloodybedsheets says:

    “aczia” is pinay too… pahabol lang =P

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