to be honest, i’m really having a hard time thinking about how the story will continue..so this is what I’m gonna do..

for the benefit of all of us, I’m just going to post short updates from now on..

but don’t feel bad.. I’ll make it a point that I will post at least one update a week..

that way, it’ll give me ample time to think about how the story goes and you guys won’t have to wait for tooooooooooooo long before I post my updates. ^__^

the chapters would probably be as short as the fillers..

please bear with me in this.. LOL if i became quite sure about the storyline, i’ll try to post longer chapters.. but for now, this is all i have to offer.. ^___^

i hope y’all understand~

i will post another “chapter” tomorrow.. (:

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2 Responses to 8DDD

  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    just post whenever you’re ready char!!! don’t feel pressured ok!?!?? i know naman that you’d come up with great chapters kaya wait lang kami dito for your THE ONE I LOVE’s finale and the birth of another ff from u!!! please take things easy, we ALL hope to be of no burden to you =P

    hope you’re okay now…

  2. AdamCouple4eva says:

    Agreeee!! with anderei..take ur time its okay..we’ll be right here..cheer u up ^___^

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