The One I Love – Chapter 18

A/N: i know, i know.. it’s been extremely long since i last updated and this is the only update i can provide for now. the poll i made is still ongoing so this is the longest that i can give you for now haha wait for the next update soon ^___^


Three days to go before Kwon’s much anticipated date. He prepared well for that night. He already told JYP about it and pleaded him to just move the meeting to another day. JYP, being so understanding about Kwon’s situation, agreed to just have the meeting postponed. Kwon somehow felt unsure about it. But whenever he thinks that this is his chance to get his yeobo back, he becomes more and more excited.

GaIn, on the other hand, still isn’t sure whether this date that her mom arranged for them is a good idea. She’d been thinking over and over again, her mind debating with something from her heart. She still has no idea what will happen, but somehow, she felt kinda excited with this date. She cleared everything that she has in that day, and prepared herself for what’s gonna happen that day.



Jinwoon stared at his hyung with awe as Kwon walked out of his room. His eyes fixed on his well-dressed senior.

“Whoa, hyung. You dress well, huh? Looks like you prepared a lot for this date.”

He’s wearing an elegant gray suit and a handsome pair of dress shoes. His hair styled simpler than usual but looked superbly awesome on him. He’s just simply gorgeous in his outfit that no one can ever resist his charm.

“Do I look okay? Or am I overdressed?” Even though he knew that he looks drop-dead gorgeous, Kwon couldn’t help but worry about how he looks.

“Oh, someone’s too conscious tonight, eh?” Jinwoon let out a short laugh. “You look okay, hyung. Trust me, GaIn nuna’s gonna fall for you by the second she saw you.”

With that, Jinwoon stood up and gave a good luck pat on Kwon’s back. Kwon smiled in return, feeling reassured that so far, everything’s good.

Kwon went to see his reflection in the mirror and tries to set his mind and make it focus for the whole night.

Kwon-ah. This is it. Your most awaited night. It’s now or never. Get her back or lose her forever.

Finally, he fixed his tie, took a deep breath, walked out of the dorm and prays for the best tonight.



“Wow, you look stunning.” JeA exclaimed as she watched their maknae walk out of her room.

“Really? Is this really okay?” GaIn said as she fix her black shiny mini-dress. “What shoes would go well with these? This one?” She took out a pair of sparkly high heels and showed it to her unnie.

“Yes! That’s perfect! That’ll complete your look! *cough cough*” JeA choked out of too excitement.

“Haha, unnie, stop being more excited than me.. And don’t put in too much food in your mouth. You eat like a guy!” GaIn laughed and patted JeA’s back.

“Heh~ sorry. Now go. You shouldn’t be late on your date!”

“It’s not a date! IS a date, but it’s not like what you think.” GaIn said. “I’mma go now. See you later~”

“Okay then. Have fun ^_^

GaIn walked outside their apartment and went inside their nanny van. She can feel her heart beat so fast and she don’t know why. Somehow, she felt like something’s gonna happen, but she has no idea what it is.

Well, I guess I’ll just go with the flow. I hope this ‘date’ will turn out just fine.

She took a deep breath as she looked outside the car window and let the city lights blind her train of nervous thoughts.

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11 Responses to The One I Love – Chapter 18

  1. AdamCouple4eva says:

    yoooohooooo..finally long waited chap *happy..happy*
    haha..both of them really fell excited huh lol
    it looks it is their first date keekekeke..
    love how GaIn fells bout this date ^^
    hope you will update sooon..
    thanks for the update..its a great filler 🙂

    PS: ohh..yeah..don’t you dare to finish this FF soon or else you’ll not know what this crazy fan will do to you *just kidding keke ^^
    but seriously don’t do that okay..
    coz I think Kwon still has long way to go to get her yeobo back..

    • bloodybedsheets says:

      hehehe @ adamcouple4eva

      see!?!?! look out for crazy AC FF fans ok!?!?!? better finish what you started!!!

      & yeah, i think it’ll TAKE A LOT TO GET GAIN BACK

      =P no matter how many chapters this FIC will be, i’ll support IT all the way!!!

  2. giukz says:

    kyaaaa!!! a long wait update!!..thank you>__<…ohohohoho

  3. athenarei says:

    Wow, short but exciting! Nice … Will wait patiently for the rest of this chapter … Thanks for updating!

  4. bloodybedsheets says:

    wow, Gain and Kwon on a date too!!! woohoo, anticipating this for too long char!!! thank you for filling us up!!! FIGHTING!!!

  5. caysme says:

    at last.. I always check your site if you already updated this fic.. and now.. the long awaited fic was already updated..

    by the way… thanks!! how i wish you could update soon… because i totally love your story… i can’t wait any longer! ^__^

  6. ayapot says:

    hahaha. finally the chapter I’m waiting for the long time.
    I hope you could update frequently like the old days. when i’m just a lurker of your site. 🙂
    really thanks.

  7. Dawn says:

    I’m a fan of this fanfic. Thanks for updating. I’ve been wondering for a long time now on how this date would turn out to be. ^^

  8. kiechan says:

    i’m so happy can read this~ 😀
    Very exiciting to see what would like their date ~~
    Keep fighting!

  9. wintakwon says:

    i really miss you post… TT_____TT please update again…

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