i’m sincerely sorry.. i’ve been on hiatus without telling everyone D: sawry~ was busy working T___T


oh yeah~

this is a good one….

i’m currently re-making the next chapter of The One I Love [it’s actually done already, but, for some reason, the file was deleted D: so i’m remaking it.]

shall be able to post it next week~

please please please look forward to it (:

sincerely yours,
shoeheadmonster/shoeheadbitch/shoe bear~

[yess..i had tons of nicknames..please feel free to call me in any way you want (;]

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3 Responses to HEY GUYSSS~

  1. AdamCouple4eva says:

    huaaaa..been stalking your blog for soo looong..
    really happy heard the news that you’ll update the one I love soon..
    have been waiting for so so so soooo loooong..
    looking forward to it ^_______^

  2. bloodybedsheets says:

    wah?!?!?where have you gone to?!?!? i’ve been stalking for too long too!!! would’ve texted you cuz you sumhow make me worry, only that i’m sooooo good at restraining myself!!! be waiting for that update CHAR!!! FIGHTING!!!

  3. phateebabee says:

    Yaaay! Can’t wait for the updates!!
    : )

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