Broken – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Love Is A Many Painful Thing.

K: Are you at home?

N: Yeah. Why? Are you coming over?

K: Meet me at the park nearby.

N: What for?

K: I just want to go for a walk.


“You know..if you want to be alone then you probably shouldn’t have asked me to come along with you.” Narsha said to Kwon’s back.

Kwon turned around and smiled apologetically at her. “Sorry..” He said quietly.

“What’s bothering you Kwon?” She caught up with him and they walk slowly side by side in the quiet park.

“Am I a bad person?”

“What?” She turned and studied his pained expression.

“I need you to tell me Sha. Am I a bad person for resenting her?” He looked down to the ground.

She held his wrist to stop him from walking. He didn’t look up. He just stood stoned.

“Look at me Kwon. You loved her. You probably still do and that’s why you’re so affected like this but it’s okay because this shows that you’re human and humans do feel hurt, we feel betrayed and all the other things. We feel because it’s the only thing that we can do when things don’t go the way we intended them to.” She cupped his face in her hands and turned his attention to her.

“And just so you know, you’re not a bad person.” She added softly; smiling kindly at him.


“Gain…” Miryo lightly woke her sister up.

“Hmm..” Gain seemed exhausted from the tears she had been shedding.

“Go sleep in your room.” Miryo sat beside her on the couch.

“Kwonnie…” Gain muttered in her half-asleep state.

“Gain..there’s something you need to know about Kwon…” Miryo said cautiously.

Gain opened her eyes upon hearing Kwon’s name. It broke Miryo’s heart to be the one telling her this but Gain deserves to know. Gain deserves the truth.

“Did you just say something about Kwon, unni?” Gain tried to reconfirm what she heard.

Miryo took a deep breath and looked apologetically at her sister. “Gain…I think Kwon is seeing someone right now.”

“What are you talking about unni? He can’t possibly…”

“I saw him Gain. I saw him on a date with some girl. I was at the same restaurant he was at. He didn’t see me but I saw him.” Miryo interrupted Gain.

“I’m sorry…” She added apologetically.

“No…don’t be unni. He should be allowed to do whatever he wants.” Gain tried to act unaffected.


“Ah..I’m so sleepy unni. I think I’m gonna go to bed now. Goodnight.” Gain said hurriedly and got up to walk towards her room.


Gain closed the door behind her and cried silently.

Babo! You did nothing to deserve him! You only brought pain into his life and now that someone is trying to make him happy, you’re crying? What kind of a loser are you Son Gain?!


“Hey..” He approached her.

“Hey..” She smiled unconsciously upon hearing his familiar voice.

“What are you doing here?” Changmin asked her.

“I was just hanging out.” Narsha told him.

“Alone?” He gave her a curious look.

“There wasn’t anyone to hang out with..” She shrugged.

“Now you have a buddy.” He flashed her a cheeky smile and occupied the empty seat at her table.

“So why are you here alone?”

“I wanted to grab some cappuccino to go but I saw you so I thought I’ll join you for a while.” He told her.

“If you’re busy then you don’t have to stay you know.” Narsha said.

“No..I’m never too busy for you, Narsha.” He smiled warmly.

Narsha smiled at his statement. It’s always things like that that he says that makes her heart flutters but then somehow he’ll chicken out and she’ll feel disappointed once again.

For once, just once Changmin. Show me something that can make me believe in you.


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4 Responses to Broken – Chapter 5

  1. kiechan says:

    i like this chapter 😀
    hmm.. So actually narsha likes changmin??
    Keep going n fighting! 😀

  2. athenarei says:

    Gosh, the events are getting exciting … So I’m guessing Narsha will probably let go of Kwonnie knowing that he still has feelings for Gain … and it seems like she’s just also waiting for Changmin to make the first move … Wonder how this two will reconcile … anticipating much … =)

  3. chiearl says:

    wow!! An update! Been waiting for this! So far, so good! The story’s getting exciting! So now that Gain thinks that Kwonnie has someone else, will she give up on him thinking that Kwonnie doesn’t deserve someone like her and soon she’ll stop following and chasing him.. then Kwonnie will begin to wonder why and will start following Gain?? A reversal of role maybe?? Kyaaa!!! ~~~~ just my wild imagination! haha 😀 you’re the captain of the ship so i’ll just lurk silently 🙂

  4. XKpoplovazX says:

    ahh… finally
    Narsha… like Changmin
    thot u will make she like Kwonnie
    n Changmin is a sweet guy, love it

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