as usual, i have to postpone the updates 😀 well, you know me, i usually postpone updates and break my promises, but yeah, i’m really sorry TT___TT

hope y’all understand T_T

i’mma try to update early next week, though.

i made changes on the storyline of The One I Love so i needed more time to finish the update. But yeah, please anticipate it since it’s nearing the end of the series. 🙂

Thank you for the patience and understanding 😀

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4 Responses to sawry~

  1. kiechan says:

    no problem.. All of us have big patience haha
    n i’m so anticipate for it! 😀

  2. XKpoplovazX says:

    im waiting patienly for ur update

    the 32 dates, i try looking in 4-everlastings [BEG intl forum] but nothing… seems like u not posting there
    i found lost n love but not 32 dates

    anw hwaiting!!

  3. bloodybedsheets says:

    i love 32 dates… wae…?!?!?!

    this can’t be happening!!!!!!!


  4. bloodybedsheets says:

    oooops, wrong comment box!!!!

    i know you’re super busy with other things as well, be waiting for your updates char, you left us in a great cliffhanger last time!!! i want them together na!!!!

    thank you char!!! and to all the AC FF writers who quench FF lovers thirst lovingly…

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