The One I Love – Chapter 17

A/N: Hey everyone~ So sawry for not being able to update in a long loooooong time 🙂 Well, anyways, this chapter is just another super short filler chapter. I bet all of you could finish reading this within less than 5 minutes XD

Hopefully, I will be able to update again within this week. Please look forward to the next chapter haha and please don’t bash me for posting a super short and non-sense update 😀



Ugh. Babo. Why did you even expect that those flowers are for you?

GaIn was indulged with her own thoughts as they both wait for her mom to come back. None of them really bothered to start a conversation.

“Red wine, sir?” The waiter asked Kwon, breaking the silence.

“Uhm, do you want to drink?” He looked at GaIn.

“Oh. Yeah.” GaIn said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Nothing.” Kwon then turned to the waiter. “Yes, please. And a shot of whiskey.”

What does he think of me in asking if I’m sure in having wine. Do I look like someone who doesn’t drink wine? Ugh.

“I didn’t know you drink.” She said.

“Ah. Yeah. I only drink occasionally, though.”

“Mm. Okay.”

The silence is somehow hurting her ears. It’s weird that she feels awkward because of the silence.

He’s a guy, why doesn’t he even open a conversation. Psh.

“So, how have you been? Any news about you?” The silence became unbearable for her so she doesn’t have any choice but to ask him anything.

“Been through hard situations lately, but…I guess I’m just doing okay.” He said, his eyes finally meeting hers, somehow showing a hint of pain.

She wanted to ask if he’s really doing okay, but then decided to just say a simple “Oh. Great.” as a reply.

Then there was silence again.

Wait. Shouldn’t I ask him about what really happened to me? I bet he’d tell me what I wanted to know. I mean, he wouldn’t bother depriving me of the truth, right?

She mustered every ounce of confidence that she has and decided that she should really just ask him directly.


She stopped as she saw her mom approaching them.

“Sorry, business matters. So, did I miss anything?” she plainly asked while looking at Kwon and GaIn.


“Nothing much. We ordered some drinks, do you also want to have a glass of wine?” Kwon politely asked.

“Oh, no. I’m fine.” She said then smiled.

“So, Kwon, we really didn’t have the time to talk about you the first time we met. Do you mind if I’ll be asking you questions?”

“No, not really Auntie.”

What is she planning to do??!

GaIn just looked at her mom, then at Kwon again. Confusion starting to build up in her head.

“So, you’re parents, where are they?”

“Well, they’re staying at our hometown. Dad was working before, but I told them to just stay at home and stop working since I can support them financially now. They’re already getting old, so I just want them to enjoy.”

“Wow, you’re a good kid. I wish gain will do the same to me.” She chuckled and looked at GaIn.

“Ma, I already told you that before but you refused.” GaIn said.

“Haha, I’m just kidding.”

GaIn’s mom went on and on, asking random questions about Kwon’s family, life career…and love life.

“So, Kwon, any girlfriends?” she curiously asked.

“Right now? None, Auntie.”

None? Really? Hmm.. Why am I being so curious now? O_O Mom, ask him why!!

“Why? It’s not like girls would turn you down. You have the looks, the personality and all. It’ll be impossible if someone wouldn’t like you.”

Kwon smiled.

“I’m kinda…waiting for someone.” He looked at GaIn.

GaIn felt her heart skip a beat. Tiny drops of sweat can be found forming on her forehead, probably because she was kinda uneasy in discussing Kwon’s love life.

“Oh, okay then. I guess I couldn’t ask more about that.” With that, she smiled and stopped questioning Kwon.

Mom, ask more! Ask more! I’m dead curious!

“Oh, and GaIn, I need to go back to US tomorrow morning because of some business emergencies. I booked a dinner for two in an Italian Restaurant near you office on Wednesday. It was supposed to be for you and me, but since I’m going back already, you have to go with Kwon.” GaIn’s mom plainly said while she took the glass of water beside her and sipped.


GaIn’s mom can clearly see Kwon and GaIn’s shocked expression. She smiled.

“Well, you can’t cancel the reservation. And besides, I paid it already and it’s quite expensive. So you have to go.”

“Kwon might not be able to go. He has work, right?” GaIn turned to Kwon and waited for his answer.

Somehow, she wishes that he could come. But another part of her wants Kwon to refuse the dinner offer.



He’s still shocked. First, GaIn’s mom bombed him with questions about his life. Now, she’s subtly making him and GaIn have a date..

What happened to giving her time? OMG. She’s so like GaIn. So unpredictable.

“Kwon might not be able to go. He has work, right?”

He stopped and thought about his schedule. He did have work that time. Actually, he’ll be having a meeting with JYP that night.

“I am actually free that night.” He said plainly.

This should be the start.

“Great! Then it’s set. It’s Wednesday night, okay? I will call both of you after your dinner and check if you met, got it?”

“Okay, Auntie.”

Kwon doesn’t have any idea what to feel. He’s sort of happy since he’ll be spending time with GaIn again and they’ll have time to talk, but at the same time, he feels nervous because he don’t really know what he needs to do since this isn’t a part of his plans.

I have no idea what might happen. But I guess I really have to do this. I still have three days to prepare. Watch out, GaIn. I’mma make you my yeobo again.


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