Broken – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Drowning My Pain.

Kwon thought about what Narsha told him.

“You know that deep down inside, you want to know the reason why she left and you won’t know if you won’t give her a chance to talk to you.”

He couldn’t fathom his own feelings. True, he was still angry at Gain but Narsha was right. He wanted to know the reason why Gain left him. He wanted an explanation for his heartache.

He gulped down the remaining beer and signaled the bartender for another round.

“Woah someone’s having a stressed day.” Khun took a seat beside him on the bar.

“Hey hyung..” Kwon greeted his cousin dryly.

“Why? Not happy to see your hyung?” He joked.

“No..I’m just tired.” Kwon rubbed his neck and faked a yawn.

“Okay tell me, what’s bothering you?” Khun said coolly as he ordered a glass of beer for himself.

“Nothing hyung..really.” He insisted.

“If it’s nothing then wouldn’t you be with Narsha instead of wallowing in self-pity here?”

“We’re not dating hyung. I don’t always have to be with her.” He said as-a-matter-of-factly.

“I know. But you’re often with her aren’t you? Now tell me, what’s bothering you so much that even Narsha’s company can’t make you feel better?”

“Gain. She’s back hyung.” He took a long sip of his refilled glass of beer.

“Gain? Gain as in Son Gain??” Khun’s eyes widen in disbelief.


“As in the..”

“As in the one who abruptly left three years ago and broke my heart. That Gain.” Kwon struggled to keep his cool.

Khun focused his attention to Kwon.

“So you guys talked?” He asked quietly.

“No. I didn’t give her a chance to talk.”

“Why not?”

“Are you not listening to me hyung? She left me! She didn’t say a single word and just left me! No letters no nothing. She left me out in the cold!” Kwon snapped.

“I heard you Kwon. I’ve heard that so many times in the past three years but does saying all these make your pain any lesser? Does it make you feel better?”

Kwon placed his face in his palms and said nothing.

“That’s what I thought.” Khun continued.

“Go and find out the reason for your unhappiness Kwon.” He patted his dongsaeng’s shoulder.

“You said the same thing she said.” Kwon said quietly.


“Narsha. She said that too.” He smiled faintly as her name escaped his mouth.

“Do you like her, Kwon?”

“A woman like Gain don…”

“I meant Narsha. Do you like her?” Khun interrupted him.

Kwon just stared at his glass of beer; not knowing what to say.


Gain stared out the window of the cab. She has not said much ever since that little encounter with Kwon.

What were you expecting Gain? A warm hug and a “welcome back”? You don’t deserve any of that. Not after what you did to him.


“Ermm?” Gain turned and gave her sister a faint smile.

“Are you thinking about him?” Miryo asked her carefully.

“I deserve it don’t I unni? I deserve to be hated by him. I shouldn’t be expecting anything more than that right?” She closed her eyes to stop her tears that were threatening to fall.

“Gain..” Miryo stared sympathetically at her sister.

“Can you…can you hug me unni?” Gain almost choked on her words.

Miryo silently pulled her sister into a hug.


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2 Responses to Broken – Chapter 4

  1. kcjchan says:

    waaah! hope GaIn and Jo Kwon can still work out!
    cause Narsha is for Changmin. and GaIn and Jo Kwon are for each other!
    thanks for the update! hope you can update more often!


  2. Sab says:

    Thanks for the update…it’s awesome~! love the plot of story ~~

    i’ll b waiting for the next one…hehe ^^


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