A/N: I woke up listening to THIS. Felt like writing a sad one-shot, so here it is.. :D it’s really really short.. but still, please enjoy :D comments are very much welcome :D

I’m still in the midst of writing the next chapter for The One I Love.. Please wait patiently 😀


I’ve never believed anything about love. Not until you came.

We were 6 then. Too young for true love.

You held my hands, you made me smile. You were my everything back then.

But you left.

I know, I know. You didn’t want to. You told me so.

“Mommy wants to go. I told her I dun wanna, but she said she won’t buy me more toys if I won’t come with her.”

“You go with her, then. I will be waiting for you. When we turn 20, please come back and marry me.”

“I will.”

“Pinky promise?”

It was a hard promise to keep. During the times that you were not here, I fell in and out of love a few times. But at those times, I feel like I was cheating on you. I wonder if you’ve been through that feeling, too.

We haven’t really talked since the last time we saw each other. Neither did you even go back here to visit. There were no calls, no letters, no nothing. But I do understand. It must’ve been hard for you to live far from home.

Regardless of the loss of communication, the distance, the time, I never stopped loving you. And yes, I was still waiting for you to turn 20. We both promised.

It’s still the 18th of September – 2 days before your 20th birthday. I prepared everything for your comeback. But why. Why did you go home like this?

Son Ga-In.

You break my heart for the first and last time. You broke your promise too.

Now, we’ll never have any wedding here.

Now, you will never even turn 20.

Why did you have to leave so early?

I love you, Ga-In.

I really do.

I wish I shouldn’t have waited for us to be 20 to tell you how much I love you. How much I wanted to spend my life with you. How much I wanted to live for you. For US.

I will never have the chance to tell those things to you.

All that’s left for me are your memories, and the letter you made before you left for good.

“I really want to be your wife, Kwon. I’m sorry If it’s too late for the both of us.”


I never believed that cheating can also be good…not until now.

I might look like I’m cheating because you’re still 19. But please wait for me.

Let’s meet in heaven. And get married.






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8 Responses to Heaven

  1. Gosh says:

    damn char!!!!! it’s sooooooooooo sad…. 😦 😦 but on a side note…they’ll reunite in heaven<3 ^_______^ chari fighting!!! i love ur ff!! and i missed u so much…been a long time since we talked on s.box…lol

  2. peperopocky says:

    so sad… I wonder what happened to GaIn. But I think they will not meet in heaven, coz people who suicides goes to hell… hehe…

    but really, this is a sad oneshot! great job!

  3. bloodybedsheets says:

    amf!!! sori for the word, i can’t place any word for it hehehe…

    may dead, what the…???

    you’re really great char, and i miss u too =P

  4. jazzyMON.seo says:

    o_o I’ve been a silent reader, but I have to say: i really like all your fanfictions 🙂 thank you for posting them so often

  5. bloodybedsheets says:

    hehehe i love THAT performance!!! had mp3 ripped from that vid too, never leaving my playlist since then ^_^

    love k.will’s voice, need i mention BEG!??!?!

    now i’m addicted to “kkeun” ehehehe BEG DIVAS!!!

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