Broken – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: No Time For Reminiscing.

Kwon entered his favourite café and walked towards his favourite spot by the window. He was walking nonchalantly when suddenly he saw someone familiar sitting at his spot.



She still looked the same way she did three years ago. Kwon noticed that she have lost some weight but her face was still the same. It was still the same face that he fell for years ago.

He has been dreaming about this moment for three years. He has been thinking about how they were going to meet again and now here she was, right where he least expected her to be.


Gain put down her book for awhile and took a sip of her latte. She randomly looked up and that’s when she saw him; the man she has been waiting for all these while. And he was watching her too and for a moment, their eyes met and she felt a sudden rush of emotions running through her.

She stood up and walked towards him.

“Kwon..” She said quietly.

He averted his gaze to the side.

“I miss you.” Gain told him.

“Psh…” He smirked.

“I really do miss you, Kwon.” She tried to reach for his hand.

“And what are you expecting? An “I miss you too”? Is that what you wanted to hear?” He looked at her; his eyes full of hostility as he pulled his hand away from her.


“Have a nice day Gain.” He said coldly and turned to walk out of the café.

Gain just stood there and tried to take in everything he just said. Was this the same Kwon that she had left three years ago? Was this the same Kwon that once look at her adoringly like she’s the only thing he sees?

What is this feeling? This aching feeling in my heart?


“You should have listened to her. Shouldn’t have left just like that.” Narsha got up from his bed and slipped into her undergarment.

“So I’m just supposed to stay there and listen to her talk about her feelings and the past? What about me? What about MY feelings?” He suddenly got agitated.

“Look, I’m not saying that your feelings don’t matter. What I’m saying is that leaving like that wasn’t the right thing to do. You know that deep down inside, you want to know the reason why she left and you won’t know if you won’t give her a chance to talk to you.” She said gently; caressing his face.

“I’m done with her.” He said quietly as she pulled him into her embrace.


“It’s hard Ong. Now that she’s back, I don’t know what’s gonna happen between them.” Miryo confided in her boyfriend.

“But didn’t you say that Gain love him?” Seulong asked.

“She does but the thing is..I don’t know..I’m just afraid that her love is too late.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think Kwon have someone else…”


C: Hey..where are you?

N: I just left a friend’s apartment. Why?

C: Nah..I was asking because I’m in your neighborhood.

N: Have you eaten yet?

C: No..why?

N: Wait for me at that noodle shop two blocks away from my apartment building okay? I’ll be there soon.


Narsha arrived at the noodle shop twenty minutes later. She quickly spotted Changmin who was sitting with a cup of tea at one of the tables in a corner of the shop.

“Sorry I’m late..” She apologized as she took a seat opposite him at the table.

“It’s okay. Atleast you’re here now.” He smiled warmly at her.

They ordered their food and chatted while waiting.

“So what were you doing in my neighborhood?” Narsha asked.

“I was just passing by and thought I would call you. Just to see if you’re free to hang out.” He told her.

“Oh..” She tried not to sound disappointed with his answer.


Hang out? What are you, a teenager? God you’re so stupid.

Changmin mentally slapped himself as he awkwardly checked his phone. What he wanted to say was that he actually missed her and he wasn’t just passing by but he went to specifically meet her but he don’t know why he couldn’t say it. It’s like his words got lost somewhere and he couldn’t find them back.

I want to say those three words Sha. “I miss you”, “I love you”, “I need you”; all of them. I want to say them but I can’t.


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4 Responses to Broken – Chapter 3

  1. XKpoplovazX says:

    New Reader..
    Loved brown am charc in ur fic

  2. bloodybedsheets says:

    wow… this fic is so… complicated… i’m really hooked!!!

    ty syahidahz!! ty char!

  3. Clariz says:

    Omo! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! ^__^ It’s a nice story!! I liked it how you paired kwon with narsha!!! daebak!! 🙂

  4. rebellnation says:

    love this story

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