Broken – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Real Beginning.

Gain stepped out of the arrival hall and breathe in the fresh air of Seoul. It has been a long time since she left.

It’s good to be back.


Changmin took a sip of his coffee and uneasily stole glances at Narsha’s work cubicle every now and then.

Why isn’t she here yet? Did something happen? Did she oversleep?

He took out his phone to dial her number but before he could do so, he saw her coming into the office with a bright smile plastered on her face.

His face instantly lit up and he got up to approach her.

“Someone’s almost late today.” He teased her.

“But I’m not. It’s 8:57 now. I still have a good three minutes.” She tapped her watch and smiled playfully at him.

“How’s Japan anyway?” She asked as she settled down and switched on her computer.

“Great. Would have been better if you were there though.” He pouted.

Don’t say things like that as if they mean anything at all Changmin.

“Well then maybe next time you should ask me along.” She smiled faintly.

“If I ask you, will you come?” He asked skeptically.

“If you don’t ask then you won’t know right?”

“Then how about we have lunch together today?” He looked at her hopefully.

“Sounds good.”

“Great! I’ll see you later okay?” He smiled brightly and walked back to his own work cubicle.

Narsha observed him as he got back to his cubicle and started doing his own work. There are some days when she just couldn’t understand him and what kind of a relationship he’s hoping for with her but then there are days like this when he just flat out gave her hope about being something more than just friends and she couldn’t help but be affected by it.

You make it impossible for me to move on Changmin.


“Hey gorgeous..slow day?” He entered her apartment and took off his coat and hung it on her coats hanger.

“Pretty much. There’s just so much work to do today and my boss was being a bitch.” She complained to him as she fetched a beer from the fridge and hand it to him.

“Thanks. And forget work. Work sucks. Anything new today?” He asked as he opened the can of beer and gulp down half it’s content hurriedly.

“Well…I had lunch with Changmin today.”

“Changmin? Seriously?” His eyes widen in disbelief.

“He asked and I couldn’t say no could I?” She slouched slightly on the sofa.

“Actually you can but obviously you won’t because he’s Changmin.” He said as he put his arms around her.

“Look I told you, he don’t mean anything.” She said confidently.

“You keep telling yourself that. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and he really won’t mean anything but for now at least, he does mean something to you whether you want to admit it or not.” He eyed her sincerely.

“We had a date last night. It wasn’t the most amazing date I’ve been on but we had a date and today you’re sitting here on my sofa, trying to convince me that I’m in love with some other guy. Just what kind of person are you, Kwon?”

“The kind that you sleep with.” He smiled and kissed her passionately.


He zipped his pants and fetched his shirt from the chair it was hanging on and pulled it over his head. Kwon turned to the bed and smiled at the sight of Narsha sleeping. He felt it again that morning; that stupid fluttering feeling but once again chose to ignore it.

You’re so beautiful Sha. You’re beautiful even when you’re asleep.

He lightly kissed her forehead and quietly left her apartment.


Miryo hugged her sister as soon as she arrived at her apartment. She missed her so much. Without them both realizing, it has been three years since Gain left Korea and Miryo was so glad to have her back.

“Are you back for good?” Miryo asked her sister.

“Yeah. I’m too tired from all the travelling I’ve been doing.”

“I hope you are feeling better now.”

“I am. Well, even if I’m not, I still have to come back someday don’t I? I can’t just leave you forever.” She smiled fondly at Miryo.

“Have you contacted Kwon yet?” Miryo asked her carefully.

Gain’s expression changed at the mention of his name.


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3 Responses to Broken – Chapter 2

  1. ayapot says:


    changmin, gain
    narsha, jokwon. hahahaha

    cant wait for the next chap

  2. WaNdA says:

    Waa~…GaIn appears…>.<
    What will happen next??so curious…
    Update soon..^^

  3. bloodybedsheets says:

    aw my gawd!!! gain’s back!!! this time, for good right?!?!

    love this fic!!!

    please update soon!!! wah!!! the plot’s killing me!!!

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