Broken – Chapter 1

Another ongoing fic from syahidahz@BEG Int’l Forum


Author’s note: I just randomly wrote this after I re-watched Narsha’s and Kwon’s almost kiss scene in Sebakwi this morning. Everything is just random including the title. I know AC shippers may not be too pleased with this but I’ve been having lots of imaginations about this pairing and am finally doing it because I can’t take it anymore. Hahaha! Anyway everyone knows that I’m a hardcore AC shipper so this is purely to satisfy my weird imaginations. Hohoho. Gain will definitely be in this story. I’ll think of a way to slip her in. Hope you guys will like it. =)

Chapter 1: Save The Complications For Another Day.

She slowly opened her eyes and felt a pair of arms wrapped around her. She grazed those familiar arms and felt his body moved slightly at her touch. She traced his features with her finger lightly so that she won’t wake him up.

Narsha smiled to herself as she stares at his angelic sleeping face.

You’re really perfect Kwon.

“Ermmm…” He muttered as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Good morning..” She whispered seductively.

“Morning..” He smiled sleepily at her.

“Did you have a good sleep?”

“Yeah..I was so tired from last night that I slept like a baby.” Kwon said teasingly.

She just smiled and beat his chest playfully.

“Do you want to have dinner with me later?” He asked.

Narsha stared at his face for any traces of laughter thinking that it was one of his many jokes but he just looked at her sincerely.

“I thought we don’t do dinner and stuff like that?” She said carefully.

“I know. I just wanted to change things up a bit for once so have dinner with me tonight okay?” He smiled warmly at her.


“Well this is strange.” She looked around the restaurant before settling on the chair Kwon pulled out for her.

“What?” He asked as he walked towards the chair opposite hers.

“Meeting you like this..this almost feels like a..”

“Like a date right? Well that’s because it is silly girl!” He winked at her.

“Still, it’s weird seeing you all…covered up..” She teased him.

“You perverted girl!” He playfully pinched her nose.

“Let’s start ordering now before I become hungry and grumpy. A hungry and grumpy Kwon don’t make for a fun date you know.” He joked as he picked up the menu and started browsing through it.

She chuckled at his joke and browsed through the menu in her hands too.


Kwon let out a little sigh as he slammed his body on his couch. He thought about the date he just had with Narsha and smiled to himself. Despite it being a little weird at first, he had a great time with her.

He didn’t know why he asked her out that morning considering how their usual meet ups only happen either at her apartment or his. Their relationship had always been physical from the start but somehow that day he woke up and didn’t see Narsha as just someone he sleeps with but as a woman and when she smiled at him, it almost made his heart flutter.

But it was just a date. You don’t like her that way Kwon. It’s all still just physical.

He brushed away his thoughts of her and walked towards his room to clean up.


Narsha was awaken by the sound of her phone ringing and squinted her eyes to see the name of the caller.

“Jo Kwon”

She instantly perked up and answered the call, “Hey..”

“ I disturbing you? Sorry I called you this late. I just wanted to say goodnight.” He said in an apologetic tone.

“No..I wasn’t sleeping. I was just in the washroom.” She lied.

“I the way, I had a great time tonight. Thank you for going out with me.”

“You’re welcome. I had a great time too.” She said sincerely.

“Well I guess that’s one successful date huh? I’ll call you tomorrow. Goodnight and sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight Kwon. Sweet dreams..”

Narsha hung up the phone and lay down again on her bed only to be disturbed once again by the sound of her phone ringing.

She picked it up without even looking at the caller’s name thinking it was Kwon forgetting to say something.

“Yes Kw..oh Changmin it’s you.” She quickly twisted her words.

“I came by just now but you weren’t home.” He said; trying to hide the disappointment in his voice.

“I went out for dinner with a friend. Why didn’t you call me?” She asked; feeling guilty at the thought of disappointing Changmin.

“Nah..I didn’t want to bother you. Anyway it was nothing. I came by because I wanted to pass you some souvenirs I bought for you in Japan.”

“Oh thanks Changmin. You shouldn’t have bought me stuff though.”

“I wanted to Sha.” She could picture him smiling sincerely as he said those words and it further made her guilty conscious.

“It’s okay. I’ll just pass them to you tomorrow at work. Goodnight Sha.” He said sweetly.

“Okay..goodnight Changmin..”

Narsha sighed at the thought of Changmin. It was difficult to talk about how she really feels about him. There was one point of time when she could almost swear they had something but then he pulled away and she started feeling conflicted about everything between them.

Why are you being so nice to me if you don’t have any intention of loving me, Changmin?

Atleast with kwon she knows where their relationship stands and though it’s always physical, she’s happy with him because he doesn’t lead her on and they talk. Not the way she talks with Changmin or anybody else but they talk. They talk and they laugh and they share their problems and sometimes, not often, she does secretly wish that Changmin was more like Kwon; someone she could fathom and someone she could be with without having to worry about his feelings for her.

She closed her eyes and tried to filter out all the thoughts that were clogging her mind as she started dozing off.


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  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    wooooooh!!! kwon and NARSHA!?@??@?@?!?!

    i’m going to smash my monitor now!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

    this is sooooo exciting!!! please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as in super SOON please????!!?!?!?

  2. WaNdA says:

    OMG..!! Can’t imagine them together…Kwon and Narsha…shiro..>.<
    can't wait for next chapter…^_^

  3. kiechan says:

    I can’t imagine it haha
    Is it they triangle love with changmin? Or will gain out in this fic?
    Btw fighting for next chapter! 😀

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