32 Dates – Date 7

WARNING: Some parts of the story contains explicit contents. Please make sure that you are 19 and above before proceeding.


Date 7:

“Oppa… Hah… Please, s-slower,” Jea moaned against his mouth as he gripped his hands on her hips, thrusting vigorously in and out of her frail body. Panting heavily, he shoved her against the sink in the bathroom, the cold edge of the sink digging against her back, making her moan. His tongue lashed inside her mouth, pushing against her own as she ran her fingers through his messy hair. Hoisting her legs up so they could wrap around his waist, he ran his hands underneath the hem of her dress, stroking the smooth skin on her thigh. Her grip on him tightened as he began to move faster. His hands snaked up her body and squeezed her breast. A gasp left her lips as she dug her nails deep into his back, feeling something warm filling her up down there. Her limp arms dropped to her sides as she slipped off the sink and into his arms. Cupping her face in a hand, he landed a gentle kiss on her lips while stroking her hair with his other.

“I love you, Jea.” He broke away and smiled.

“I love you too, Joon…g Hoon-oppa.” She nervously looked at him and relaxed when he didn’t catch her mistake. Breaking away from his hug, she smoothed out the wrinkled in her dress and picked up her mask laying on the floor. After adjusting it so that it covered the top half of her face, she strolled out the bathroom with Joong Hoon and headed for the bar.

“Jea, you had enough,” Joong Hoon pulled the shotglass out of her hand. Seeing her irresistible pout, he hesitantly handed it back to her. “Fine, last one. But no more!”

“Heheh, okay~” She grinned and finished her shot of vodka. “Bartender, can I get another one?”

Joong Hoon could only gape in awe as she finished the drink in one gulp. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Oh, hey there In Young, what are you doing here?”

“Same reason as you,” she smiled and tugged on his hand. The glitter on her mask only emphasized her sparkling eyes. “Come dance with me!”

“What about Jea?” Joong Hoon pointed to the drunk girl sitting next to him. “I can’t leave her alone like this.”

In Young smirked and leaned into his ear, whispering in a suggestive voice. “Who needs her when you have me?”

Before he could respond, In Young had already dragged him away from Jea and onto the dance floor.

“Miss, I really think you should stop,” the bartender told her in a concerned voice. “You’re going to end up in the hospital later!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Jea giggled. “I’m good with alcohol *hic*, get me another shot please~”

Hesitantly the bartender handed her another shot of vodka, which she finished in one gulp. Or rather, the vodka had finished her. With a thud her head landed on on the counter.

“Miss! Miss!” The bartender shook her, attempting to wake her up. “Some call the ambula-”

“I got her,” a cool voice suddenly said. The bartender looked skeptically at the man who helped the drunk girl up and walked her down the hall to one of the bedrooms in the mansion where the Halloween masquerade party was hosted.

“Yah, wake up.”

No response. He closed the door of the bedroom with his free hand while making sure Jea didn’t fall. Dropping her on the bed, he climbed on top of her. Caressing soft cheeks, he contemplated her figure.

She was beautiful, even with a mask on. In fact, it made her even more mysteriously alluring. Her luscious lips, her silky skin, her elegant figure, he wanted it all. Slowly closing the gap between his lips and hers, he could smell the strong scent of vodka in her breath. As his lips brushed against hers, he felt a thud on the door, followed by very loud moaning.

‘Of all the rooms in this house, why this one?’ Quickly he picked her up and ran inside the walk-in closet, slamming the door shut behind him.

He leaned his ear to the door. Maybe he had become drunk just being with Jea who consumed so much vodka. Because he just heard something that might break her heart.

Jea woke up to find herself pinned to the wall and kissing a random stranger in a pitch-black closet. She tried to pry him off her, but to no avail.

The stranger continued to vigorously lash his tongue inside of her mouth, hungrily licking for the traces of vodka that still remained. His teeth nipped at her swollen lips as she moaned into his mouth. His tongue glided down from the corner of her lips as he licked and bited the skin on her neck. He sucked on her throat while his hands loosened from her wrists and moved down her waist. Ripping apart the short black dress she was wearing, he grasped her breasts, sucking on the milky-white skin. He continued to lay light kisses on her and settled on her stomach.

“Time for some chocolate,” he smirked and sucked her well-defined abs, licking the slight outline of her muscles. Her desperate pleas for him to stop only provoked him to progress further as his mouth found its way to her lingerie.

“Hn…no… stop, please,” her breathing became short and hitched as his tongue moved over the thin fabric covering her sweet spot. His hands quickly slipped her underwear off her legs and tossed it aside as he continued to lick her bare skin. The more she tried to push him away, he harder he sucked. Suddenly, he stopped. Standing back up, he pushed her back against the wall. She could feel something throbbing down there and gasped in horror.

“You’re not going to…”

“Yes, I am.”

“N-no, stop…” Her speech was slurred and her head was spinning. Contrary to her protesting words, her hands moved down from his face and undid the buttons of his dress shirt, revealing his bare, muscular chest. He shrugged it off and sucked on the crevice of her neck, leaving a fresh, red mark. Her hands moved down his stomach and undid the zipper of his pants, then pulled off his boxers.

He pressed his mouth hard against hers as he suddenly thrust himself deep inside her. She screamed into his mouth as her nails dug deep inside her back. He pressed his body against her trembling one, grating her body against the rough wall of the closet as he began to agressively thrust in and out of her.

“Not so h-hard… Ah!… Please, slower,” she begged. Ignoring her pleas he grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard, smirking at her pathetic mewls.

“You know you like it like this,” he whispered huskily in her ear, his hot breath sending shrills down her spine. He began to thrust faster and harder.

“No, p-please…” she whimpered as he nibbled her earlobe, running his tongue over the soft piece of flesh. It moved into her ear, tickling her. She squirmed against his body.

“Shh, you don’t want other people to find out we’re here, do you?”

“Other people…?” Her eyes widened as she cringed from the throbbing pain down there. His grip on her hips tightened as he pushed them against his, hoisting her legs up so they could wrap around his waist as he brought her closer to him.

“W-why are you… doing this?” She managed to say between short gasps. He shoved his tongue inside of her mouth as she screamed upon feeling something hot shoot up her body inside.

“What he can do, I can do better.” He pulled out and kissed her one last time before pulling away. Exhausted, her limbs all went numb and she collapsed to the floor, bringing him down with her.

He cupped her face and removed the mask covering her eyes, only to find tears streaming down her cheeks. His gaze softened behind the stoic mask covering his eyes.

“Are you crying?” He asked gently while slowly wrapping his arms around her trembling body. Letting her head rest on his chest, he stroked her shivering back.

“N-no… I’m fine,” she bit her lip in attempt to stifle her uncontrollable sobs. Seeing her like this made his heart ache. He really felt like punching himself right now.

“Really now.” Picking up his shirt lying on he ground, he put it over her shoulder and gingerly turned her body to face his. Leaning in, he brushed his lips over her swollen eyes, following the trail of tears on her cheeks. He finally reached her lips and kissed her as sweetly as he could, brushing away the fresh tears welling up by her eyes with his thumb.

‘From now on, I won’t let you cry for anyone else.’

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  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    THANK YOU FOR UPDATING!!! wow! just love this fic! i’m craving for more!

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