The One I Love – Chapter 16

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JeA stood up to open the door.

“Uwaaaaaaa~!!!” she screamed. GaIn and Narsha immediately ran to her direction to find JeA hugging GaIn’s mom. “It’s been too long, Auntie!~ We really missed you~”

GaIn stood there, shocked. Yes, she knew about her mother’s coming home, but now that she’s finally here, it seems like GaIn can’t move.

It’s been a long year, omma. A long year of phone calls. But now…

Tears automatically dropped from GaIn’s small eyes. She’s really extremely happy that she get to see her mom again, after a looooooooooong time.

“Well, aren’t you going to hug your mom?” she asked her own daughter.

GaIn smiled and immediately hugged her tightly. Without saying a word, they both cried tears of joy. GaIn totally forgot about her suspicions.

After several minutes of hugging, “I guess we should let Auntie in first. Looks like Kwon’s having a hard time carrying her luggage.” Narsha said, looking at Kwon.

Kwon? Again?

GaIn’s smile somehow faded. Now she’s getting too annoyed whenever Kwon is being mentioned, or whenever Kwon is there. She looked at Kwon. When their eyes met, she glared at him, but he kept staring at her with blank expression.

You. You’re starting to get on my nerves now. Argh!

Feeling the change of atmosphere, her mom dragged her inside the dorm and they both sat on the sofa.

“Wow. Look at you.” She couldn’t help but admire her daughter. “You’ve became way prettier.”

“Omma~ Am I not pretty for you before?” GaIn jokingly answered.

“Of course you’ve always been pretty. But I was prettier than you before.” She answered back, making JeA and Narsha laugh.

“Auntie, I’ll be heading out first. I have to go catch up with some schedules.” Kwon softly said.

“Is that so? Can’t you just stay first?” GaIn’s mom asked. She would love to have some time with both Kwon and GaIn.

“Maybe next time. I’ve already missed a week of work, so..” He said. “I’ll make it up to you on Saturday.”

“Okay, that’s a promise. You take care. And thank you for the meal.” She beamed a smile at him.

“Nuna, I’ll be going already. If you need anything, just call.” Kwon said, looking at JeA, then smiling at Narsha.

“I will.” JeA smiled.

“GaIn…nuna.” Kwon said, looking at GaIn. “Bye.”

“Mm.” She answered, not looking at him.

Kwon then walked out of the dorm without another word.

“Ya. Why are you treating him like that?” Her mom asked.

“Like what?” she answered back.

“Like THAT.”

She knew what her mom meant.

“Well, I just don’t get the idea of him being always here. We’re not even close.”

Silence filled the dorm for a good thirty seconds or so. JeA and Narsha did not dare to say another word.

“And what’s up with him making it up to you on Saturday? You just met but you’re already that close, huh?” she said, being jealous.

“I’ve known him long enough.” Her mom answered coolly, making GaIn’s eyes grow bigger in disbelief.


“Ya. Are you going to argue with me over these things instead of being kind with me and make up with the three years that we haven’t been together?” GaIn’s mom said, trying to divert the conversation.


GaIn looked at JeA, then looked at Narsha, before looking back at her mom. Confusion’s clearly written on her face.

”Auntie, why don’t you take a rest first. I bet you’re tired.” Narsha said.

“Oh, right. I am feeling extremely tired too since I came straight from a business meeting before the flight. I want to take a nap.” She said, standing up.

GaIn stayed seated, trying to process what’s happening.

So the huge dorm transformation…the unremembered photohoots…memory progress…

Could it be that…

And Kwon…

“Ya.” Her mom’s voice broke her thoughts. “I don’t want to see you do that again to Kwon. He’s a good guy. Treat him better next time.” She smiled and went inside the room that JeA and Narsha prepared for her, leaving GaIn dumbfounded in the living room.



He walked as fast as he could, as if someone’s chasing after him.

Right after he locked himself up inside his car, he let his tears flow freely. It hurts him to see GaIn treat him like that.

The way she glared at me. The way she replied when I said I’m leaving.

I can see it in her eyes.

She’s starting to hate me.

Just the thought of it made Kwon cringe to his heart. It feels as if he’s about to die anytime soon.

He tried to wipe away the tears as he reminded himself about what GaIn’s mom told him when they were eating.

“If that’s the case, what did she say when she first saw you again?” GaIn’s mom curiously asked.

“She looked quite confused and she asked me why I was the one who looked after her when we’re not even close to each other.” Kwon cannot look at her in the eyes. He knew that anytime soon, he’ll break down in front of GaIn’s mom.

“I can understand how hurt you are, but regarding that, I can only give you one advice as a mom and as someone who sincerely cares for the both of you…” She paused and looked at him. Her hawk eyes looked softer and full of sincerity. “Give her time.” She finally said.

Kwon’s expression became gloomier, but he definitely understands what she meant.

“At this state, she won’t probably accept the truth about you and your relationship with her even if we all tell her that it’s the truth. Trust me…I know her well enough.”

“But…Auntie…What if she won’t ever love me again?” No matter how hard he tried to prevent his tears from falling, it still did.

She held his hands and looked at him in the eye.

He can feel the warmth of her hands, it’s almost the same as GaIn’s. It made her long for GaIn more.

“That depends on what, when and how you’re going to make her fall for you again. Just wait a little longer. When the right time comes, fate will definitely be on your side.”

Kwon then started his car engine and drove off. He knew that this’ll probably one of the hardest times of his life, but he’s sure that he’d do anything to make everything right.



“GaIn, are you still not done yet? We’re late!” Her mom called from the living room as she was putting her eyeliner.

“Almost done! 10 minutes~” she answered.

“Auntie, are you sure you don’t want to bring these?” JeA took out a pack of cookies. “You haven’t eaten anything yet. You might get hungry.

“No. I’m fine. We’ll be getting dinner soon.” She said. “How about you, you sure you don’t want to tag along?”

“Oh, I’m fine, Auntie. I also have an important meeting to attend to.” JeA politely refused.

“Done.” GaIn said as she closes her door.

“Alright, then. Let’s go now. It’s already 6:30!” her mom said as she stood up.

“Why the hurry? Psh. Anyway, goodbye JeA unnie. I’ll see ya later~” GaIn said as she and her mom headed out to the door.

“Bye~ You guys take care~”


“Where are we going?” GaIn asked. “I’m surprised that you have the guts to ask me out for dinner yet you don’t even know a single place here in Korea.” She laughed.

“Ya! Don’t talk to your mother like that or else I won’t come back here ever again.” She jokingly said.

Her mom took out her phone and looks for something.

“Hmm. Can we go to this street, please?” she said as she let the driver read what’s on her phone.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What street is that? Let me see.” GaIn tried to snatch her mom’s phone.

“No. It’s a secret.” She smirked.


The place looked so familiar. It’s as if she’d been there several times before.

The place looks very luxurious. No wonder her mom asked her to wear a dress.

“Did you made a reservation here?” she said.

“I didn’t. Someone did for us.” She said as she walked inside the restaurant.

Don’t tell me it’s….

Her mom then spotted their date for the evening.

“Hey, have you been waiting for too long?” she said as she patted the guy’s back.

The guy then stood and turned around.


She can feel how annoyed she was when she saw him. But then, the annoyance was easily pushed away after a few seconds.

He was wearing a handsome tuxedo. His hair was well done. He was just simply shining. GaIn couldn’t even take her eyes off him. He was even holding a bouquet of flowers.

He’s so…damn…gorgeous.

“Auntie, annyeonghaseyo.” He bowed.

Kwon’s eyes then met GaIn’s. She brushed off her thoughts.

“Oh. Nuna. Annyeonghaseyo.” He hesitantly said.

Psh. What was the flowers for? Maybe I made it too obvious that I’m annoyed with him. It’s not as if those flowers will make me change my mind.



He looked at her again…then looked at the bouquet of flowers that he was holding for an hour.

“Uhm. I didn’t really know that you were coming, nuna.” He said, looking at GaIn then looking at her mom. There’s this motherly smile on her face.

“I just brought one bouquet for Auntie.” He said as he gave GaIn’s mom the flowers.

GaIn looked shocked, disappointed and shy all at the same time.

She probably thought that the flowers are for her.

“Shall we take a seat now?” GaIn’s mom said after a few seconds of silence.

After pulling out the seats for the women, Kwon finally sat across GaIn’s mom. He purposely avoided sitting across GaIn as to not make her feel more annoyed.

He himself feels awkward. He really had no idea that GaIn’s coming.

“I think you wouldn’t mind that I asked GaIn to come with me here, right?” GaIn’s mom said.

“Oh, no Auntie. I really don’t mind.” He reassuringly answered.

He then signalled the waiter to take their orders. Kwon made himself busy that night so he would have a slim chance of staring at GaIn’s face.

She looks so perfect. As expected from Son GaIn.

He sneakily looked at her while he was scanning through the menu. His heart was fluttering in doing so. Regardless of what she thinks of him now, he’s still thankful that he get to spend time with her.

“If you’ll excuse me, I will just make an overseas call to check about business matters. You can just get me anything that looks delicious. I’ll be right back.” GaIn’s mom said as she stood up.

“Omma….” she tried to object, but it’s too late.

Kwon didn’t had the chance to say something either. He just watched her leave.

“Uhm. So, nuna…what do you want to eat?” Kwon plainly asked, not looking at her.

“Hmm. This one looks good.” She answered.

“You too.” Kwon muttered.

“What? Did you just said something?” GaIn asked.

“Me? No. I didn’t.” Kwon looked surprised. Clearly, he didn’t expect that GaIn would hear what he just said.

Kwon. Stop it. What happened to ‘giving her more time’? Breathe in. Breathe out. Just act as if she’s just another friend. Don’t put too much attention on her. Refrain yourself from doing those things that you used to do for her. Not tonight .The plan was to make HER fall in love with YOU, not to LET HER KNOW that you’ve been head over heels in love with her. Wait until it’s all good. Wait for the right time. Wait for fate to take your side.

He reminded himself about these things. He can’t afford to ruin all his plans in just one night.

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