The One I Love – Chapter 15

A/N: Well, I honestly think this one’s better than the last update :) enjoy~ and please tell me what you think~


He parked his car beside the restaurant that he told GaIn’s mother about. He went out and opened the door for her.

“Thank you.” She said. “So, this is it?”

He smiled and nodded.

The restaurant honestly don’t look class. It looked more like a local fastfood chain. He’s quite sure this is where he wants to bring GaIn’s mom.

He opened the door of the restaurant for her and lead her to a vacant seat near the window.

“What do you want to eat, Auntie?” Kwon plainly asked.

“Hmm. I am not familiar with what tastes good here anymore. Get me anything you think is okay.”

Kwon then went to the counter and ordered.

I hope I’m doing okay. Kwon, relax.

He went back and sat across her. No one attempted to open a conversation. Both are probably thinking what to say.

“Auntie.” Kwon finally broke the silence.


“Well, uh, you might be wondering why I took you here.” He said nervously. She’s just listening.

“This is where me and GaIn usually eat, even before we uhm, we had a relationship.” It’s kind of awkward to talk about their relationship since he’s not sure if GaIn’s mom knows about this. He thinks that this is the best way to inform her about their past.

“Oh. So this is her favourite?” she said in a plain tone.

“Uhm yea. Whenever she’s tired from work or when she’s just bored, she’d ask me to come and eat with her here.” Kwon said, finally feeling more comfortable and smiling while telling GaIn’s mom about them.

“I see. I didn’t expect that it looked like this though.” She let out a short laugh. “She always tell stories about how awesome the food is here when she calls me.”

Oh. So GaIn told her about the resto? I wonder if she also told her mom about US.

He just smiled.

“You’re probably thinking if I know something else.” She said.

Kwon was slightly shocked.

As expected from GaIn’s mom. She’s also one step ahead of me. -_-

“Well…” He doesn’t really know what to answer, thus leaving his sentence hanging.

“I know.” She smiled, but she’s not looking at Kwon.

“You know what, Auntie?”

“About you and my daughter’s relationship.” She looked at him.

Why is she looking at me like that??? O_O



She looked at him thankfully. She can see in Kwon’s eyes that he’s confused.

“Why? Do you expect that I’d be angry or something?”

“Well, not really, but…I really didn’t have any idea that you knew about…uh, me and GaIn.” He answered awkwardly.

“Of course, I know. Haha. She’s my only daughter, do you think she’d still hide something from me?” She laughed.

Kwon just let out a short laugh, probably because he’s relieved, and scratched his head.

“Well, thank you.” Her voice now sounds more serious.

I don’t know if it’s right for me to say this to you, Kwon. But, I’m really thankful for what you did to GaIn up until now.

Kwon looked at her. Now he’s more confused.

“After her relationship with Kim, GaIn really doesn’t want to love again. Probably because that’s the time when her father left us.” She let out a sigh. “Maybe it’s also my fault for letting her witness all that. She always seen me crying. She’d ask questions but I refused to answer. Eventually, she discovered it herself…that her father’s cheating on me…on us.” She continued.

All memories about their past lives came rushing into her own brain. How hurt she was. How angry GaIn was. Everything. Thoughts about those painful nights occupied her brain.

Kwon kept silent, listening carefully.

“I tried to fix things for GaIn’s sake. But he…he’s the one who let go. He’s the one who wants us to get lost.” Small bits of tears now start forming in her eyes. “I can remember it all clearly. How GaIn tried to prevent him from leaving. But he didn’t even thought about GaIn’s future and how GaIn would feel if she’d lost her father. He just didn’t care about us anymore.” She paused. Kwon handed her his handkerchief to wipe her tears.

“GaIn was the one who had been strong for the both of us. I held on to her. She promised me that she’d never let that happen to her. She cursed love…and marriage. She tried hard not to fall in love with any other guys. I told her not to feel that way. I want her to be happy. But she insisted on what she believed – that loving someone and giving him her all is just stupid. But then you came, and changed her view.” This time, she looked at him with a small smile on her face.

“I don’t know how you did it, but I feel the urge to thank you for making her feel loved and for letting her love again. However, I feel very sorry about what she did before. I mean, when she let you go.”

“Oh, that. It’s okay now Auntie. I think I understand now.” Kwon said.

GaIn made the right choice of loving you, Kwon. You’re such a good man. I swear to God that I’d be forever grateful if you’re the one that GaIn would spend the rest of her life with.

“But…GaIn…” Kwon hesitantly said.


“She…doesn’t remember our past relationship anymore.” Sadness filled Kwon’s face.


“What took you so long? I called you at around 4AM but you arrived at 6? Miryo said, pouting her lips out of annoyance.

SeulOng finds it cute when she does that. “I bet you’re thinking that I did something bad.” He said, letting out a short laugh. “I stopped by the police station to check about GaIn’s case before going here.”

“Oh, is that so?” They both became serious. “How was it? Are there any new leads as to who stabbed her?”

“Well, the chief said that they were still discussing the matter but they think they already know who did this. It’s just that they need more evidence.” SeulOng explained while stirring his coffee.

“Hmm. Good. Hopefully everything will turn out okay.” Miryo said. “However, I feel bad for Kwon.” She looked at her coffee, avoiding SeulOng’s eyes.

He held her hands and said “I feel the same way. But this is the time when we should give all our trust to him. That’s what he needs the most right now. He’ll be alright.” SeulOng smiled at her to make her feel okay.

“Do you really think so?”

“Yes. He knows what he’s doing. And I bet he won’t mess up this time.” He reassured Miryo.

-OngMiryo flashback (bonus :D)-

SeulOng is really super close to Kwon and Miryo is actually really close to GaIn especially before, when they were still in a relationship. All four of them often go out and SeulOng and Miryo served as chaperones. Never did Kwon and GaIn knew that within those times, SeulOng and Miryo fell for each other’s charms.

“Ugh. Nuna, answer the phone please.” SeulOng said as he waits for Miryo to pick up.

It’s midnight and he can’t sleep.

“Yeo..bu..seyo?” Miryo said. Her voice is hoarse. Clearly, she just woke up from her deep slumber.


“Who’s this?”

“Nuna, I love you.” He finally said.


Before Miryo could even answer back, SeulOng hung up. He held his chest and felt that his heart was thumping really hard. A few seconds later, his phone rang.

“Ya. Im SeulOng. Stop pulling a prank with me in the middle of the night. You woke me up because of that? You jerk.” Miryo said loudly.

“But nuna…” SeulOng tried to explain.

“No buts! If you’re not going to stop this nonsense, I’ll erase your number and not talk to you again!” she fiercely said.

“Nuna..I really love you. I’m serious. Look outside.”

Miryo was shocked. She immediately looked out of her bedroom window and saw SeulOng holding a bouquet of flowers and a signboard saying “PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME~”.

She picked her phone and dialled his number.

“Why?” she asked. “Why me?”

“Why not you? I love you. Please accept me, Miryo.” He said sincerely.

“Ong…..” Miryo smiled as a small teardrop found its way on her cheek.

-end of super lame flashback XD-

Unfortunately, SeulOng and Miryo started dating the same week when GaIn and Kwon broke up so they just decided to keep their relationship a secret for now.



JeA opened the door and entered their dorm. Narsha then helper JeA put GaIn’s things inside the dorm.

As GaIn went inside, she looked around only to find that something’s weird.

“Unnie, how long has it been since I was confined in the hospital?” she asked.

“Hmm. Almost a week.” JeA said, still fixing GaIn’s things.

“Only a week? So many things have changed within a week? The walls are repainted. And, new TV and appliances?” Her eyes are still roaming around the dorm. She found her way to her room and opened the door. A life-size avatar caught her attention.

“When was this taken? I don’t remember me participating in this photoshoot. Is this given by a fan? Photoshopped?” she asked. She’s now super curious.

JeA and Narsha looked at each other, both doesn’t know what to answer. They just kept quiet and pretended to be busy.

GaIn continues to roam around their dorm. Everything looks new.

I feel like it’s not only a week. I feel like I missed out a lot of things.

“Unnie? Why aren’t you answering any of my questions?” GaIn said suspiciously. “Are you hiding something from me?”

“N-No! Why would we do that?” Narsha said looking down. Both she and JeA can’t even look at GaIn.

“Then why aren’t you telling me what’s really going on?” She said, her voice is now louder.



“I’ll go get the door.” JeA said.

JeA and Narsha’s thoughts: “Hah~ Saved by the doorbell~ *phew*”
GaIn’s thoughts: “I know you’re all hiding something. I will make you all confess next time.”

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  1. kiechan says:

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    cant wait for the next update…

  5. Regina says:

    Great update!! Love the bonus part! Now I’m really curious who pressed the bell and I seriously hope gain could remember kwonnie!!!

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