The One I Love – Chapter 13

A/N: This update isn’t really that significant but still a part of the story. Please enjoy :) Comments are very much welcome :D :D


It’s all clear now. She doesn’t remember me nor our past relationship. Should I make her remember our past or just make a new memory for her?

In addition to the hurt he feels because of GaIn not remembering anything about their past, Kwon also feels depressed just by thinking of ways to make GaIn fall for him again.

This time, I’ll definitely do this right.

Kwon started his car engine and drove home.


Kwon silently opened the door thinking that everyone’s asleep since it’s just past 4 in the morning, but to his surprise, SeulOng was already awake.

“Hyung. Why are you already up?”

“Miryo ca…uhm…Miryo nuna called me earlier and told me that GaIn’s already awake. I was thinking of going to the hospital to check things out.” SeulOng said.

“How is she? Did she remember anything?”

“She did. But everything about me and her is completely forgotten.” Kwon said, a fake smile crept on his lips.

“Are you okay?” SeulOng knew that he’s asking an inappropriate question.

“Yes. I’ll be just fine. I’ll just do what I need to do to get her back.” Kwon looked at SeulOng and smiled again “I’m going to rest first. You take care if you’re going to the hospital.”

Kwon then entered his room and laid down. He tried not to think about the situation first and just rest, but he can’t. His mind can’t stop thinking about what he needs to do to make everything alright. After a few minutes he closed his eyes and forced himself to take a good rest before going back to the hospital.



SeulOng is in deep sleep when his phone suddenly rang.

”Yeobuseyo?” SeulOng said, his voice somehow husky.

“Ya. It’s me.”

“Babe? Why are you calling at this hour? It’s just..” SeulOng checked the clock. “It’s just 3AM. Is something wrong?”

“No. Nothing’s wrong. I just want you to know that we’re headed to the hospital now. I’m with Narsha and our manager. JeA called and said that GaIn’s now awake.” Miryo said.

“Is that so? Okay. I’ll be going too.” SeulOng immediately stood up and went outside his room.

“Alright then. Take care, okay?”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.” Miryo finally said before hanging up.

SeulOng grabbed his towel and decided to take a quick bath before leaving.

I wonder if Kwon’s okay. Maybe they talked already since he’s the one who’s at the hospital.

After 10 minutes, SeulOng then put on some clothes (i was seriously considering not to put clothes on him, but i might look too pervy in doing so XD) and walked out of his room. As he was getting ready to go, he heard the door being unlocked.

Who could this be? A thief??

He waited until the door opened.


“Hyung. Why are you already up?” Kwon looked shocked.

“Miryo ca…uhm…Miryo nuna called me earlier and told me that GaIn’s already awake. I was thinking of going to the hospital to check things out.” SeulOng answered.

“How is she? Did she remember anything?”

“She did. But everything about me and her is completely forgotten.”

I feel sorry for you, Kwon. If there’s something I can do….

“Are you okay?”

Ugh. Ong. Why ask such an obvious question?? Babo.

SeulOng mentally punches himself for asking such a horrible question.

“Yes. I’ll be just fine. I’ll just do what I need to do to get her back.” Kwon looked at SeulOng and smiled again. “I’m going to rest first. You take care if you’re going to the hospital.”

SeulOng watched as Kwon entered his room. Though he felt really bad for his brother, he knew that he can’t do anything about the situation.

After putting on his coat, SeulOng grabbed his car keys and left.



GaIn was eventually put to sleep again after drinking her medicines so she could recover fast.

JeA and the others just sat there and talked about the situation.

“What should we do now?” Narsha finally asked. “I mean, about GaIn and Kwon? Shouldn’t we just directly tell GaIn that she had a relationship with Kwon before?”

“If we tell her, will she even believe us?” Miryo said.

JeA is still silent. Thinking about what’s the right thing to do.

“We won’t do anything.”

JeA’s words silenced the other two. Miryo and Narsha looked at each other, as if wondering why JeA said those words.

“What? Why? It’s not like we can’t do anything about it, you know.” Miryo reasoned out.

“Let us just let Kwon do what he needs to do. It’s their relationship. Not ours. Kwon said he’d do something about it. I trust him. He can fix this alone.” The way JeA said those words once again proved why she became the leader of their group.

“What if GaIn found out about it herself?” Narsha asked.

“If GaIn found out?” JeA stopped. Clearly, JeA still doesn’t know what to do if ever GaIn found out.

“Let’s just think about that when that time comes.”

“Guys. I talked to the doctor.” The manager said while approaching the three.

“He said that GaIn could be discharged tomorrow if everything stays okay. She can rest at home but she’s not allowed to tire herself. Meaning, she’ll take a break with group activities.” She continued.

“I think that’s great news.” JeA said.

“JeA, since you and GaIn share the dorm, will you be okay looking after her alone or do you want me to hire a maid for you two?” the manager looked at JeA.

“No. I think we’ll just be fine. Besides, Auntie’s catching an early flight tomorrow to Korea. I guess she’ll stay until GaIn’s okay.” JeA explained.

Narsha, Miryo and the manager looked shocked.

“Wh.. Who?? Auntie?? For real?” Narsha asked.

“Yes. She called earlier. She said she saw the coverage of the press conference.”

“Did she said anything else?” Miryo curiously asked.

“I thought she’d get angry. But you know her, she’s as calm as always.”

“I should tell the driver to pick her up tomorrow, then.” The manager was about to dial the driver’s number when JeA stopped her.

“No need. I already asked Kwon to pick her up.”

“You asked who?? Kwon??” Miryo said.

“Yeah. I think it’ll be fine. Auntie already knew what happened to Kwon and GaIn. I think she’d really like to meet Kwon in person.” JeA calmly said. She’s also worried. But she’s quite sure that everything will work out just fine.



A tall man was standing at the hallway just outside GaIn’s hospital room. He opened the door to her room. Kwon took a step closer to see what the man wants. He peeked inside GaIn’s room only to see GaIn being taken away by the tall man.

Kwon knew that he had to do something. He tried to run to him but his feet were stuck. He pulled his feet up but the more he pulls, the more it became stuck. Kwon looked at the man’s direction and saw him now walking towards the door, where he’s standing.

“Who are you? Don’t you dare take GaIn away from me!!” Kwon shouted but the man didn’t even flinch.

As they were standing side by side, the man looked at Kwon. His eyes were red as the sunset. Other than his eyes, Kwon didn’t see anything else. But he could feel the coldness of the man’s voice.

“You. You can never get her back again. I will never give her back to you.”

Kwon looked at the tall man as he carried GaIn away from him.

No. This can’t be happening.


“HYUNG! HYUNG!!!” Jinwoon immediately barged in Kwon’s room to see what’s happening.

He then found Kwon looking super pale, his eyes are open but his thoughts are blank. Drops of cold sweat can be found on his forehead. His breathing is harder than that of a person who ran several miles.

This is all a dream.

“Hyung! Are you okay? What happened to you?” Jinwoon said worriedly.

“It’s…a dream. No. A nightmare.” Kwon is still in a shock.

Changmin then entered the room with a glass of water on hand.

“Here, you drink first.”

Kwon took the glass of water and took a sip. He can still feel his heart thumping hard.

Changmin and Jinwoon are staring at him. No one bothered to say another word. Eventually, they just left the room thinking that Kwon needed his time alone.

The silence was broken when Kwon’s phone rang.

“Yeo…Yeobuseyo?” Kwon answered the phone.

“Kwon-ah. It’s me.” JeA said.

“Oh… JeA nuna.” His breathing is still hard.

“Are you okay? You sound weird.”

Kwon can tell that JeA is also starting to worry. “No, nuna. I’m really fine. I just…uh..I just woke up that’s why I sound like this.”

“Oh. Okay then. By the way, our manager talked to GaIn’s doctor earlier, he said that GaIn could be discharged tomorrow.”

“Is that so? That’s great. But, nuna…did she say anything about me when I left earlier?”

“Uhm…I’m afraid she really doesn’t remember anything about your past relationship.” JeA sounded sad too.

“Yeah. I thought so too. Maybe I should just stick to the original plan then.”

“I told Narsha and Miryo not to tell anything to GaIn. I’m leaving this all to you. I know you’d do the right things this time.”

“Thank you for your trust nuna.” Kwon said.

“Now, Auntie will be arriving at the airport at around 6pm. I assume you know how she looks like already?”

“Yes. She looks exactly like GaIn. I can tell who she is with just that.”

“Good. I’ll give you a call later.”

“Okay nuna. Thanks.”

Kwon hung up. He doesn’t know what he feels exactly. Somehow, he’s genuinely happy because GaIn’s recovering well. On the other hand, he also feels superbly nervous because he’ll be meeting GaIn’s mom for the first time.

But the feeling that dominates him more, is fear.

His dream.

Is that dream conveying a message to me? Like, should I try harder to get her back?


Yes. Ong and Miryo are dating. LOL haha Their love story might be tackled a bit in the next few updates :) haha

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