L.O.V.E. – Official


“I’m telling you Ong, the red one is nicer.”

“But black is classic babe. It looks more charismatic.” He argued.

“If you already made up your mind then why drag me here?” Miryo sulked.

“Because you’re my best friend and your opinion matters to me.” Seulong smiled at her.

“Then take the red one.” She smiled sweetly.

“How about I get you the red one and I get mine in black?” He asked.

“Ya Im Seulong! Are you crazy?? I can’t ride a motorcycle.” She scolded him.

“Then learn and ride with me some time. I bet you’ll make a really hot motorist.” He teased her.

She just sneered at his comment.


“Hey Ong..”

“Miryo! What are you doing here??” Seulong was taken aback by her sudden appearance in his office.

“I just figured I should bring you some food since you’re working late. You must be hungry right?” She held up the packets of food that she had prepared at home.

Seulong smiled brightly upon seeing the food Miryo prepared. He was hungry but couldn’t eat because he had to finish up his work first.

“Thank you..” He said sincerely.

“No problem. I’m your best friend right? I should take care of these things for you from time to time.” She smiled warmly.


“Open your mouth.” She instructed him.

“I’m not hungry babe..just let me sleep.” He said sickly.

“You have to eat something first so that you can take your medicine and rest.” She told him.

“But I hate porridges. You know that right?”

“I know but do you think you’re in the state to be eating samgyupsal?” She asked sarcastically.

He shot her a daggered stare.

“I’m not scared of you Ong so now open your mouth and eat this porridge.”


“Relax babe. Breathe! You’ve prepared everything accordingly.” Seulong assured her.

“Do you think they’ll like my proposal?” She asked him nervously.

“Of course they will! You did a great job with it so don’t worry. Just go in and do your best. I’ll wait for you here okay?” He smiled and gave her an encouraging hug before sending her into the meeting room.


Seulong slammed his body on his bed. He was exhausted from working all day. He tossed and turned a little and caught a glimpse of the photo he had put on his bedside table. It was a picture of Miryo with him and his family that they had taken at his birthday party two years earlier.

He reached for the photo and unconsciously smiled at it. He had told his sister that it was a photo of all the people that he loves when she first questioned him on why he had the photo on his bedside table.


“Everyone is in here. See; there’s you and mum and dad and Miryo.” He moved his finger accordingly.

“So you do love Miryo unni…hehe..” His sister teased him.

“Ya! Of course I love her. She’s my best friend!”

“Oh come on oppa. Everyone knows you like her!” She continued teasing him.

“I do not!” He said.

“Yes you do!”

“Do not!”

“Yes you do!”

“Aish this girl!” Seulong playfully tickled his little sister.

-End Of Flashback-

He chuckled to himself as he remembered times like that when his family kept teasing him and Miryo.

He put the photo back to its original place and got up to wash up. Just as he was about to enter the bathroom, his phone beeped and he checked it to see a text message from Miryo.

M: I got it Ong! I got the project in Canada!

He smiled to himself upon reading the text message.

S: Congrats! I’m so proud of you!


“Ong, I’ve thought about it long and hard and I think I’m gonna leave Korea.”

“Of course you are. You’re going to Canada for two months.” He said simply.

“No. I mean I’m gonna leave for good.” Miryo told him.

“You know how my family is all living in Canada and I’m all alone here right? I figured that this is a perfect opportunity to be with them.”

“But..what about your job here?”

“My boss has agreed to transfer me to his new company there.”

“Plus I’m not leaving much behind. I don’t even have a boyfriend here or anything significant.” She added.

“But you’re leaving me. Am I not significant?” Seulong asked dejectedly.

“You can live without me right? Besides, we can always visit each other.” Miryo comforted him.


Seulong sat on his bike and thought about everything Miryo told him the other day.

“My family is all there Ong. I figured that it’s time to go and be with them.”

Somehow that statement made him sad. He was feeling something he haven’t felt in a long while; disappointment.

He caressed his bike lightly; his red bike. He had ended up buying the red bike she liked. He chuckled remembering his own silliness.

Why do I always end up doing whatever she wants?

He thought about all the memories they’ve shared together. He thought about how she took care of him and how he had helped her attained her driver’s license. Then suddenly his sister’s words rang in his mind.

“Everyone knows you like her.”

He stared into the horizons and thought about what are the chances that his sister may be right. That he may actually be in love with her without him even knowing.

His phone vibrated and he took it out to answer a short phone call from his friend Changmin. He hung up shortly and stared at the missed call that he didn’t even realized he had. He stared at the name of the caller.


And that’s when his instincts hit him.


“We should go in now. If not we’ll miss our flight.” Narsha told her.

“Let’s just wait a little bit. He should be here anytime soon.”


“He’ll be here okay? Let’s just wait.” Miryo insisted; searching the airport for Seulong.


Seulong came running into the airport and searched for Miryo’s gate number. He dashed across the crowd and shouted Miryo’s name when he saw her turned her back to enter the gate.

She turned around and saw a panting Seulong approaching her.

“Ong! Why are you so late? I almost left.” She asked him.

“I was just thinking..” He told her.

“About what?”

“About us. About you and about me.”

“Us…?? Ong, wh…”

“I almost didn’t come today but I know that if I didn’t come then you’ll leave and I may never get a chance to tell you exactly what I wanna tell you.” He interrupted her.

“I didn’t realize up till now how much you mean to me. I’ve always thought that between us, nothing could ever happen because you’re supposed to be my best friend and I’m supposed to be yours but every time you do something nice for me and take care of me, I can’t don’t feel something other than friendship and I thought that it was just a phase I’m going through but it’s not and it took me long enough but I finally realized now…”


“I think I’m in love with you Miryo. You’ve become someone so important to me. Someone I can’t go a day without talking to. Someone who makes me feel so silly and I don’t want to be silly by myself. I don’t want to have to live without you by my side Miryo.” He confessed.

She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him.

“I’ve waited so long to hear that.” She said softly after they broke away from the kiss.

“I’m bad at this kind of things. I’m sorry. Don’t leave.” He whispered and wrapped his hands around her waist.

Miryo turned to Narsha and Narsha smiled knowingly at her and turned around to enter the departure gate by herself.

“How’s that?” Miryo smiled sweetly at him.

Seulong returned her smile with a warm kiss.


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2 Responses to L.O.V.E. – Official

  1. Regina says:

    Nice update!!! Can’t wait for more!!!! Will there be more couples?! I’m so excited!! Hwaiting!! ^^

  2. kiechan says:

    i love that! Hehe
    can’t wait for next story ^^
    Fighting! ^^/

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