32 Dates – Date 3 (R-19+)

WARNING: Some parts of the story contains explicit contents. Please make sure that you are 19 and above before proceeding.


It was lunch break. As usual, Jea and Narsha were sitting in the Starbucks on campus.

“About yesterday…” Jea bit her lip.

“Yes? What about yesterday?” Narsha raised an eyebrow while bringing the straw to her mouth.

“Well, I…” Jea looked around and leaned in closer to tell Narsha about what the brunette was curious about.

Narsha’s eyes widened in horror as she choked on her iced latte. “You WHAT?!”

Jea laughed nervously and continued to whisper. “And then he-“

“Jea. Listen to me.” Narsha said in a loud voice and firmly gripped Jea’s shoulders.


“GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!” Narsha yelled while violently shaking her dazed friend, attracting the attention of the other customers.

“What? I’m fine.”

“Dont you remember what happened before? If you keep going on like this the same thing will happen again! I don’t want to have to see you go through that pain, okay?”

“It won’t happen again.”

“You think it won’t happen, but how can you be so sure? Jea, I’ve known you since we were in diapers.” Narsha squeezed her best friend’s hand. “Seriously, don’t do this… Leave him before it’s too late.”

“…I’m going to class now.” Jea stood up to leave. As she was about to leave, she heard Narsha calling to her.

“Yah Jea!” Narsha pointed to Jea’s backpack. “Gimme your English notebook.”

She turned around. “What for?”

“I’m guessing you never wrote that essay, after what happened yesterday. I’ll tell the teacher you’re sick and take notes for you. Go home and rest. And really think that over, ‘kay?”

Jea laid down on the grassy hill outside the university building and let her mind wander.

Maybe Narsha was right. Maybe she should leave Joon. After all, she already had a boyfriend. And he was a good guy: honest, polite and courteous.

But Jea had to admit, she’d would rather be with someone who would hold her hand and not her backpack.

She sighed and rolled around in the soft green grass. It felt like Joon’s hair. His soft beautiful hair that felt so good, especially when she ran her fingers through them yesterday when they-

She stopped rolling and looked up at the lethargic clouds instead. The sun beamed down at her from the wide blue sky.

Did she fall in love with him after a one night stand? Maybe it was too late for her after all. Jea rolled over onto her stomach and closed her eyes, enjoying the cool breeze stroking her back. The wind continued to caress her back, almost like how he would WAIT A MINUTE.

That’s no wind.

As her eyes fluttered open, she felt something warm press onto her lips. Out of instinct she kicked the unknown figure, only to hear a familiar yelp as he rolled down the hill. Quickly Jea sat up to see who she attacked.

After a brief silence, she heard the voice again. “Yah Jea! Are you trying to kill me?”

“Sorry oppa…” Crawling over to check on Joon who was at the foot of the hill, Jea couldn’t help but laugh at how much he looked like a scarecrow with all its stuffing falling out. His hair was covered in grass and his jeans splattered with mud stains.

“Here I was worrying about your safety, and you kick me in the stomach,” Joon yelled while climbing back up the steep hill. “Don’t I deserve some sort of apology from you?”

“Aww… I’m sorry oppa,” Jea smiled and pecked him on the cheek. “Are you still mad?”

She had no idea why she kissed him when she wasn’t supposed to.

“Do you think that’s enough of an apology?” He flashed her a devious smile before pushing her off, getting revenge. “See how you like that!”

“YAH LEE JOON! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” She shrieked after sitting up. It was his turn to laugh.

“Okay okay, I’m sorry,” he ran down the hill and squatted beside her. “Well then, get on.”


“What do you mean why? After what happened yesterday,” he scratched his head in embarrassment, “I doubt you can walk.”

“O-oh…” Blushing, Jea climbed onto his back. Hearing him wince, she asked him what was wrong.

“You’re too fat for me to carry.”

She smacked him on the back of his head and stroked his back, wondering if the marks she made with her nails yesterday night were still there.

Why was she still thinking about that?

But just because he had a sexy back didn’t mean Jea was going to let him off the hook for calling her fat. Halfway up the hill she suddenly sank her teeth into Joon’s neck.

“Ow! What the heck was that for?”

“Calling me fat,” she retorted while covering his eyes with her hands. “This is for what happened yesterday.”

Joon stumbled and started to fall backwards. Quickly, she turned his head and kissed him on the lips.

‘And that’s for making me fall in love with you.’

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