The One I Love – Chapter 12

A/N: This is seriously one of the worst updates ever. SERIOUSLY. Sawry~ I’m too lazy to edit it haha Please be super kind to me nao~ haha I will try to write a better update next time XD comments are very much appreciated :)



JeA immediately called their manager to inform her about GaIn’s waking up.

“Yeobuseyo? I received a call from Kwon. He told me that GaIn already woke up. I’m heading to the hospital right now. Could you give Narsha and Miryo a call?”

“Okay. We’ll be there in a while.”

JeA put on her jacket, went outside their dorm and hailed a cab.

As she entered the cab, her phone rang. Thinking that it was Kwon, she answered immediately.

“Kwon, I’m on my way. Just wait, okay?”

“JeA. It’s me.”

It’s that voice. The voice that she wanted to avoid as much as possible.


GaIn’s mom.

She has a very very calm voice and she is very kind towards JeA and the other members. Because she had to be out of the country everytime due to business matters, she asked JeA to look over GaIn. That is why JeA felt so affected when this happened to GaIn.

“I…I read about your press conference earlier. Wha…What…happened to GaIn?” She’s trying hard to remain as calm as possible for JeA not to feel more burdened.

“Auntie. I’m really sorry if I let this happen to her. I…” JeA already broke down over the phone.

“Now, now.. Don’t cry. All of us don’t want this to happen. “ JeA could hear her silent sobs. She knows very well that GaIn’s mom is already crying. “I will take the earliest flight possible to Korea tomorrow. Please ask someone to pick me up at the airport.”

“Yes, auntie.” With that, the phone call ended.

At last, JeA arrived at the hospital. She immediately went inside GaIn’s room. When she opened the door, she saw Kwon, standing at the far end of the room, looking at GaIn who is currently being checked by the doctor.

“Kwon. Have you talked to her already?” JeA silently asked Kwon.

“Ah, nuna. You’re here.” Kwon hurriedly wiped the tears that were forming in his eyes. “Yes. We’ve talked already.”



“Uh… Where am I?”


“Oh. Kwon-ah. Why are you here? Where am I?”

She remembers me.

Kwon smiled when GaIn mentioned his name.

“You’re at the hospital. I’ve been looking after you ever since you’re admitted.”

“Really? Thanks. But I don’t get it. Why are you looking after me? As far as I know, we’re really not that close. But don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your concern.”

Kwon looked at GaIn’s eyes. It’s clearly visible that she’s confused. Before Kwon could even answer, the doctor came in. So he turned around and stood at the far end of the room. Tears now forming in his eyes.

So that’s it. That’s how much you remember about me. Okay then. Even though it’s hurting me now, I promise you, I’ll make you remember our beautiful past.

After a few minutes, JeA entered the room. He saw her approaching him so he immediately wiped off his tears.

“Kwon. Have you talked to her already?”

“Ah, nuna. You’re here. Yes. We’ve talked already.”

“Did…did she remember you?” JeA awkwardly asked.

“Yes. She did.” Kwon looked down as he smiled. “But I’m afraid she doesn’t remember anything about our relationship.”

JeA was silent. She doesn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay nuna. I told you, I’ll make her fall for me again, just like before. And this time, I’ll make sure none of us will let go.”



JeA looked at Kwon with admiration. She admires his strength and courage. That even though the situation’s tough, he’s still sure about what he really wanted.

“Okay, then.” She smiled and patted Kwon’s back.

When the doctor was done checking, JeA approached GaIn.

“I’m assuming that you didn’t forget me.” She let out a short giggle.

“Why the hell would I even forget you, Jea unnie?”

JeA then held GaIn’s hand. Anyone can tell by the looks of JeA’s eyes that she was totally relieved.

“Unnie, what happened to me? Why am I in the hospital?” GaIn said.

“Uhm.. You have been in an accident.”

GaIn’s reaction became gloomy.

“Oh. Auntie called me and she said she’s going home to check you out.” JeA finally said after quite a long silence.


“Yeah.” JeA then turned to look at Kwon who’s still in the far end of the room. “Kwon-ah, do you have something to do tomorrow?”

“Me? Uhm. Nah. No schedule until…erm.”

“Oh, yeah…right. Could you pick Auntie up at the airport tomorrow?”

“Oh. Okay.”

I guess Kwon and Auntie will just be alright together.

“Kwon-ah. I think you should go home first. Don’t forget to tell your members about GaIn so they won’t worry anymore.” JeA looked at Kwon, as if saying ‘Go now. I’m going to talk to her about the situation’.

“Okay, nuna. GaIn, I’m going now. Uhm. Get well soon.” Kwon said softly.

“Ya. Use formal speech. I’m also your nuna.” GaIn said jokingly.

Kwon just turned around and left.


What the hell’s wrong with him?

She watched as Kwon walked out the room.


JeA then looked back at GaIn. “Hmm?”

“Why is he here?”

“Who? Kwon?”

“Yes. He told me that he’d been looking after me ever since I got admitted.”

“Uhm. You really didn’t remember?”

“No. Did I happen to forget anything?”

GaIn clearly is confused about what’s happening. She had no idea how things became like this.

Miryo, Narsha and their manager’s entrance broke the silence. They bought fruits for GaIn and food for JeA and Kwon.

“GaIn, we brought you these. So you’ll recover fast.” Miryo said as she put the basket of fruits on the table beside GaIn.

“We also brought food for you…” Narsha then turned to JeA “…and Kwo… Where’s Kwon?”

“Oh. Yeah. Where is he? I thought he’s the one who called you?” The manager said.

Why are they all looking for Kwon? What’s happening? Did I miss something?

JeA looked at GaIn before answering.

“I told him to go home and rest since GaIn’s already awake.”

“Wait. What are you guys talking about? I don’t even know why he’s here when I woke up. Why is he the one who looked after me? Wha… I’m really confused now, okay. Can someone please explain what’s happening?” GaIn’s facial expression is indescribable.

JeA and the others exchanged glances, as if having a silent meeting on how to tell GaIn about her past relationship with Kwon.

“You’ll know soon.” JeA finally said. “Now eat up. You need to take your medicines.”

I’ll know soon? What does that mean? What’s with me and Kwon?

GaIn might not be sure about what’s going on, but one thing’s for sure: she felt her heart skipped a bit earlier when she saw Kwon waiting for her to wake up. As to why she felt that way, she doesn’t really know.

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  1. WaNdA says:

    Waaa~…GaIn unnie how could you forget?
    It’s really sad…T__T

    Your update is really fast.. I like it…
    I check your blog everyday anyway..kekeke^^

  2. wency says:

    even though you said you were lazy doing the update, it was a good update… now i can’t wait to see how Kwon will make GaIn fall in love with him again.

  3. Regina says:

    Good update!!! Please let gain unnie remember kwonnie sooon!!! Hwaiting!!! Aja Aja!! ^^

  4. kiechan says:

    you’re so fast!
    I loved it hehe
    n i do like it this chap ^^
    Keep fighting! ^^/

  5. athenarei says:

    It’s a nice chapter naman, ah … Anyways, I like the part where all the BEG members are looking for Kwon the moment they arrived. Totally showed how close they are. I love how it made Gain more confused and curious about him being with her all the time in the hospital … Can’t wait to see how he will make her fall for him again =)

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