Lost (one-shot)

shoeheadmonster’s note (LOL): This is another one-shot SAD fanfic from my very very good friend,  syahidahz@BEG Int’l Forum. 😀 And this is not an Adam Fanfic 😀 haha This is a SeulOng-Miryo fic~ hahaha yey~


Author’s note: I have a couple of fanfics that I absolutely need to work on right now but I had inspirations to write this story last night and couldn’t resist the temptation so here it is. I hope y’all will like it.=)



She turned around and scanned the apartment once more. There was so many memories in the apartment; too many. She had never thought in her wildest dream that when she moved into this apartment, her life was going to change.

Her vision blurred as tears started welling up in her eyes. She turned back around and slowly made her way out of the apartment. It was painful to leave but the memories that linger around in the apartment were too much for her heart to take.

People always talk about the wonderfulness of love like that’s all there is to it. It’s like as if heartbreaks don’t exist. But they do and eventhough the sound of a heart breaking can be as insignificant as the sound of a feather falling to the ground, the pain is still deeper than the ocean and the scar may even stay for the rest of one’s life.


“How are you feeling?” Jea asked her as she passed her friend a glass of water.

“Relieved.” She replied weakly as she took a sip of water.

“You took everything?”


“What about his stuff?”

“I kept some photos and his favourite things and I donated all his other stuff.”

“Miryo..” Jea tapped her friend’s shoulder.

“No Jea. Please. Don’t talk more about him because if you start talking about him then chances are I’m gonna start crying so please, don’t break me.” She pleaded helplessly; fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.

Jea kept mum and just hugged Miryo silently and Miryo finally cried in her friend’s embrace.

“Just let it all out.” Jea said softly.

“It’s not fair Jea..” She choked on her words.

“Nothing is fair Miryo.”

“It hurts..my heart hurts..”

“I know..”


The girls stared at Miryo who was sleeping in Jea’s guest room from a distance. Narsha and Gain had rushed over to Jea’s place when they found out that Miryo was there.

“She must be tired. She cried a lot just now.” Jea told them.

“So she’s really selling the apartment?” Narsha asked.

“There’s no way she can keep staying there. It was their apartment and now that Ong is gone, the place has become a painful reflection of what used to be.” Gain said.

“If only love was enough…” Narsha said quietly.

“He’ll still be here…” Jea continued somberly.


It was a normal day. Like every other day, Seulong got ready to leave for work while Miryo fix his breakfast. The sun was shining brightly and the sound of the birds chirping was particularly pleasant that morning.

It was his second anniversary with Miryo and he had made plenty of plans for them. He had made a reservation at her favourite restaurant, bought her favourite perfume and designer bag and even made plans for a short weekend getaway to Jeju Island.

“Why are you so happy?” She asked when she saw her beaming boyfriend.

“Nothing. It’s just such a lovely morning.” He approached her and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you.” He muttered.

“I know.” She can’t help but smile at his cuteness.

She loves how he always makes her feel important. Even when they fight, the argument will quickly be resolved because he won’t let them stay mad at each other for long.

“Do you know what day is it today?”

“It’s our second year anniversary.” She smiled at him.

“I made plans tonight so after I get back from work, wear my favourite dress. We’re going somewhere nice.” He told her and nuzzled her neck for awhile.

“Okay..” She said almost breathlessly.

He finished his breakfast and left for work while she stayed and cleaned up for awhile before heading out to work herself.


“Yes Mr. Kim, I’m on my way to your office now. I’ll be there in a while.” Seulong told the man on the other end of the line before hanging up and crossing the busy street to get to his car.

His thoughts were filled with images of the perfect night that awaits him and Miryo.

I can finally go home after this appointment.

Before he even realized it, a car that was going at full speed knocked him down and he laid there in a pool blood with his things scattered all over the road. The car driver didn’t even stop to help him and as helpless as he was, he started muttering the only word that he knew with all of his heart.



Miryo rushed across the hospital. She was at home getting ready for their supposed dinner when she received the call from the hospital. She ran and ran even more in her velvet dress and heels. She didn’t care if it was hurting her feet to run in the heels; she was going to see him.

You can’t die Ong. You can’t die!

She finally reached the mortuary and with her tears smudging her half-done makeup, Miryo slowly approached the body that was suspected to be Seulong; wishing against all hope that it wasn’t him and that God was just playing a mean trick on her.

As she slowly opened the cloth that covered the body, she unveiled a pale and lifeless Seulong.

Her heart broke into pieces when she saw his face. She traced his features delicately with her finger as she shed more tears.

“I’ll leave you for awhile here Miss. When you’re done, please come outside and sign the papers to take back the body.” The nurse told her and left the room silently.

Miryo ignored the nurse’s words and kept her gaze on her dead boyfriend.

“I’m wearing your favourite dress babe. Just like you told me to. Can you please open your eyes and look at me?” She muttered in between her tears.

“How could you leave me like this? I still need you Ong…”

In an instant twist of fate, he was taken away from her. She had never imagined her life without him and this rude awakening has really thrown her life at a crossroad.

Every single second she shared with him passed across her mind. She couldn’t make the tears stop. Never again was she going to wake up to him snoring lightly beside her. Never again was she going to see him smile at her proudly when she cooked him a nice meal and never again was she going to hear him say “I love you” to her.

She kissed his lips for the last time and felt like something died in her together with him.

“I love you Ong…”

-End Of Flashback-

Miryo was awaken by her scary dream. The girls rushed over to her and Gain hugged her tightly as they comforted her.

“I dreamt of it again. I was at the mortuary…Ong was lying there..” Miryo struggled to say as her tears started to stream down her cheeks.

“Miryo..” Narsha said quietly; feeling her heart ached by the sight of her miserable friend.

“I miss him…” Miryo managed to let out before breaking down in front of them.


Miryo stood there in front of his grave. She was still not used to visiting the cemetery but it’s now the only way that she can feel physically close to him.

“You may no longer be here with me but in my heart and every time I close my eyes, you’ll always be there and you’ll be smiling and telling me that you love me…just like you used to.” She started talking.

“I’m not used to this Ong. I’m not used to talking to you and have you not reply me.”

“But I know you’re listening to me from wherever you are now so I need you to promise me something Ong…”

“I need you to promise me that when one day I get old and senile and forget about you and about us, you’ll come often into my dreams and remind me of what we used to have.” She said sadly.

“I miss you Im Seulong…” She closed her eyes as a lonely tear creep down her cheek.


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  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    o. m. g.

    why kill seulong?!?!?!


    nway thanks for sharing!!! =P

  2. Regina says:

    This is so sad but well written! Great job and thanks for sharing! ^^

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