The One I Love – Chapter 11

A/N: Just a warning, this update is too long and too senseless LOL haha If you find faults in medical stuffs, please ignore it.. I didn’t research, I just assumed LOL XD Comments are very much welcome 😀



SeulOng and the others arrived at the hospital shortly after Kwon informed them that he already found GaIn.

“Where is she? How is she? What exactly happened to her?” JeA hurriedly sat down beside Kwon and started shooting him questions.

Kwon couldn’t even say anything. Not just because he don’t know any information about the accident, but also because he himself still can’t believe what happened to GaIn.

“She…” As Kwon was about to say something, the doctor came out of the emergency room. Kwon immediately stood up. “Doc, how is she?”

“Well, GaIn-ssi has a deep stab wound in the right side of her abdomen. It shouldn’t be that bad but I think when you saw her, she had been bleeding for quite some time already, making her lose a lot of blood. She probably passed out because of that and unfortunately hit her head hard somewhere, thus probably causing her to have a post-traumatic amnesia. ”

The doctor carefully explained GaIn’s condition. Though they didn’t understand everything that the doctor was saying (because of the medical terms), one thing is clear for all of them, something’s wrong with GaIn.

GaIn has amnesia. What the…

“Doctor, does she have like some kind of a short-term amnesia or whatever it’s called or the one where she can’t remember anything at all?” BEG’s manager asked, she too looks pale because of too much worrying about GaIn.

“We don’t know yet. We’d find out once she wakes up. In the meantime, we treated the stab wound and the wound on her head. We’re waiting for the results of the tests to know if there are other damages. We’ll let you know right away if there are any progress.” With that said, the doctor walked off.

All of them didn’t bother saying anything after the doctor left.


Kwon walked alone in the hallway to look for Room 209.

Everyone left already.

JeA, Narsha, Miryo and their manager arranged a press conference to inform the public about GaIn’s condition.

SeulOng, Changmin and Jinwoon were asked to inform JYP about what happened , too, and they are to ask him to give Kwon some time off.

Kwon feels like his footsteps are getting heavier with each step.


He stopped. His hands are trembling as he reaches for the door knob. He took a deep breath.

Kwon. Be strong. Be strong for her.

He opened the door and walked in. There he saw GaIn, sleeping. Her head was bandaged. Her skin was more pale than usual.

He can’t help but shed tears seeing her like that.

He pulled in a chair beside her bed and sat. He held her hand and kissed it softly as his tears continued to flow.

“Yeobo, wake up. It’s me, Kwon. Please open your eyes. Please.”

Kwon never let go of GaIn’s hand. He never left her side. He stared at GaIn. It’s been a long time since he last stared at her face for god-knows-how-long. Even though it really hurts him to see her in that state, somehow he felt lighter because he’s with her.

I’ll take care of you. I will never ever let anything happen to you again. I will never ever leave you and we’ll be happy forever.


Days have passed. BEG nunas have been visiting very often.

“Kwon-ah, just go home and rest for a while. We’ll be watching over GaIn first. If you don’t rest, you’ll probably be sick also.” JeA had been worried for Kwon also who hasn’t gone home ever since the accident happened.

“I’m really fine, nuna. I tend to get a lot of rest here when I’m alone since GaIn’s still hasn’t woken up yet.” Kwon smiled a little.

“Don’t lie. Look at your face. Your eyebags are now so…uh. And besides, aren’t you supposed to be promoting abroad now?”

“I asked for a leave. JinYoung hyung allowed me to, until GaIn recovers.”

JeA smiled. “So, what’s your plan now?”

“Huh? What do you mean, nuna?”

“Well, we all know GaIn now probably has amnesia. What if she doesn’t remember you or your past relationship?”

Kwon looked down.

“I’ll make her fall in love with me all over again.”


Kwon have been really tired because of the consecutive nights that he hadn’t get to rest. He’s usually sleeping on the bed next to GaIn’s, but tonight he decided to just sit beside her and hold her hands until he fell asleep. After a while, he felt a slight movement from GaIn’s hands. He immediately woke up and stared at her, thinking if the movement was just an imagination. After a couple of seconds, her fingers moved again, indication that she’s probably conscious now. He stood up and called the nurses for assistance. He also took out his phone and dialled JeA’s number.


“Kwon-ah, it’s 3AM, why are you calling at this time?” JeA’s sounds like she’s still in dreamland.

“Nuna, GaIn…I think GaIn’s about to wake up. She moved her fingers a while ago. I already called the nurses.”

“Really?! Okay. I’m going there now.”

JeA hung up and Kwon is now alone again, waiting for the nurses.

Please. Let her remember about me. About US.

Kwon was silently praying when he heard something that sounded so familiar to him, but he hasn’t been hearing for a long time.

“Uh.. Where am I?”




The four of them are all quiet inside the nanny van.

“So… I already called the CEO about this. His only concern is that we have to make sure that the media and the fans won’t be bothering GaIn until she recovers.” The manager’s calm voice broke the silence.

“No one should spill any information as to where she’s confined. I already made arrangements with the hospital’s management. Just remember to inform the media about group activities, okay?”

“Okay, we got it.”


-BEG Press Conference-

The three of them sat there in front of many photographers, reporters and fans, who are curiously waiting for what the group members are about to say.

“We would like to thank all of you for being here. On behalf of my members, we just wanted to let you know that GaIn, our maknae, had been in a serious accident recently.” JeA paused.

The reporters are now carefully jotting down notes. The fans are looking very worried. But still, no one asked questions yet.

“She’s still being closely observed by the doctors, meaning she won’t be able to join us in group activities and the release of her solo album will be postponed. With this being the situation, we sincerely ask for your understanding. We would also like to request for the media not to make any articles or news about her other than this presscon during her recovery process. Thank you very much.”

After JeA’s statement, they all stood up and bowed. The reporters then chased them and tried to ask BEG additional questions about the situation, but none of them was entertained.

The girls went straight in their nanny van and left.

All of them let out a sigh once inside the van.

“You did great. We could now focus in GaIn’s fast recovery. All of you should go take a rest, okay? You all have different schedules tomorrow.” The manager said coolly.


Since Narsha and Miryo are now living in a different house, JeA went back to the dorm alone. She’s really not used to going home alone. Whenever she goes home, it’s either GaIn will be there to welcome her or vice versa. In short, she’s not used to it when GaIn’s not there. She went straight to the fridge and grabbed a can of beer. She sat on the couch and just stares at the wall opposite her. JeA didn’t notice that she had been drinking a lot already – 4 cans. Usually, 4 cans of beer would put her into a deep abyss by now, but miraculously, she’s still very much conscious.

Why of all people should this happen to my sister? How are we going to get back her memory? Will she even remember herself? Will she remember us? What if she doesn’t? How am I going to explain her parents about this? I promised them that I would take care of GaIn. But this… this is unacceptable.

Eventually, after a few minutes, she fell asleep. JeA was having a peaceful sleep when a call woke her up.

“Kwon-ah, it’s 3AM, why are you calling at this time?” JeA’s sounds like she’s still in dreamland.

“Nuna, GaIn…I think GaIn’s about to wake up. She moved her fingers a while ago. I already called the nurses.”

GaIn…woke up?

“Really?! Okay. I’m going there now.”

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    this is the best part of the fanfic:

    “Well, we all know GaIn now probably has amnesia. What if she doesn’t remember you or your past relationship?”

    Kwon looked down.

    “I’ll make her fall in love with me all over again.”

    great chapter! now you have to give us the next one… it’s killing me not to read the next… 🙂

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