Words I Couldn’t Say (one-shot)

He’s been sitting on the bench for three hours now. He couldn’t make sense of his own feelings. The wall he had built to protect himself from falling in love and getting hurt was destroyed the minute he heard about her visit.

Why am I such a loser when it comes to her?


She walked aimlessly in the almost empty park until her eyes laid on a figure sitting alone on one of the benches. She walked towards the familiar figure; her mind heavy with nostalgic memories.


“Hey..why are you here alone?” She greeted him quietly.

“Oh hey. I just needed a breath of fresh air.” He smiled weakly at her.

Of course she found me. I was never good at hiding.

She took a seat beside him. “I was looking for you. I wanted to tell you that I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Please don’t go.

“Oh..right..I forgot your flight is due for tomorrow morning right?” He said simply.

“Yeah…” Her voice trailed off.

“Nights like this are the best aren’t it? The best for just sitting around and doing nothing.” She said; trying to divert the topic.

No it’s not. It’s hurting me Gain. And it’s hurting me even more that you’re right here beside me and I can’t hold you; I can’t make you stay.

“Yeah..it’s awesome.” He replied weakly.


Don’t you care about me anymore? Like I care about you, Kwon?

“So…you have been busy with work I guess?” Gain asked him.

“Pretty much. Just finished a big project last month.” He replied coldly.

Don’t you miss me Kwon?

“Sorry I couldn’t go meet you.” Kwon said.

“It’s alright. I understand.” She smiled at him.

No I don’t. I came back just for a few days after going away for three years and you don’t even seem to care.

“So you must be looking forward to going back huh? Must be pretty busy.” Kwon smiled at her.

No I’m not Kwon. Why can’t you see that I want to stay here with you?

“Yeah. I’m going to be having a packed schedule once I get back in Japan.” She smiled weakly.

“So is there anybody waiting for you back in Japan?” He asked her nonchalantly.

There is no one. There’s only you Kwon.

“Nah. Been too busy for love. You?”

“Same here.”


If I told you that I still love you, will it mean anything?

“It’s nice to see you again after all this time.” Gain said after awhile; breaking the awkward silence between them.

Nice?! Is that all you feel Gain? Nice?? Do you even know how much I missed you?


“Yeah..it’s nice to see you too.” He replied awkwardly.

When did things started to change like this Kwon? Now it feels like we’re mere strangers.

“Kwon..” Her voice trailed off.

“Yeah?” He turned and stared at her curiously; her heart beating faster as she caught his eyes.

No Gain! Don’t kiss him because it will make you weak and he might not feel the same way anymore.

“Are you alright?” He asked her; a hint of concern clearly visible in his voice.

“Yeah..I need to go. I got to pack my stuff.” She stuttered; trying hard to control her emotions.

Don’t let me go Kwon. Please don’t let me go.

“Oh..well have a safe trip tomorrow.” Kwon said; his voice dripping with disappointment.


“Thanks..and hey maybe I’ll see you if you ever come to Japan.” She tried to sound cheery.


Stop giving me false hopes Gain.


“Take care Kwon.” Gain whispered into his chest as she hugged him goodbye.

I love you.

“Take care Gain.” He smiled weakly at her and watched her slowly strolled out of the park.

Loving me have made you shed so much tears Gain and maybe I shouldn’t be selfish anymore. I’m sorry baby. I sorry for the words I couldn’t say.



cr: syahidahz@BEG Int’l Forum

This is an old work of one of the best AC fanfic writers in the BEG Int’l Forum. Well, she specializes in sad fics LOL i’mma post her other works here  😀

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4 Responses to Words I Couldn’t Say (one-shot)

  1. bloodybedsheets says:

    ow… this is so sad… how can there be so many words we can’t bring to say???

  2. kiechan says:

    it’s true..there’s so many words that we can’t say.. 😦
    i really like this fic,, even that sad hehe

  3. phateebabee says:

    awww man another sad one … i just read the “An end before the start” … and noted to myself not to read ONE SHOTs cause it might be a sadd one … and here I am again reading another ONE SHOT which is again another SADD one … awwww. But I must say that its really good.. the storyline and all … I gota praise your efforts for your stories, especially ADAM COUPLE … major fan .
    Thank you : )

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