The One I Love – Chapter 10


When he reached home, Kwon immediately went inside his room without even saying anything to the other members who are waiting for him in the living room.

SeulOng felt that something was wrong and that Kwon doesn’t want to talk about it so he just let him have his own time alone.

Kwon was just blankly staring at his ceiling for about 3 hours or so. He didn’t realize that it’s already past midnight. It seems like his mind hasn’t been on its right state since he said his last words inside the Greenhouse.

I shouldn’t feel this way. I know that I made the right decision.

His realization was stopped by a loud knock on his door.

“Kwon-ah! Kwon-ah! JeA nuna’s on the phone! Faster!!”

Kwon immediately stood up and answered the phone.

“Nuna?? Why?”

“Kwon-ah, have you been in the Greenhouse earlier?” Kwon can sense the worry in JeA’s voice.

“Yes, I’ve been there. Why?” He can feel his heartbeat getting faster.

“GaIn. Have you seen GaIn there?”

“No. I thought she was there, but by the time I got there, she already left.” His voice is now shaking.

Please. Please don’t tell me something bad happened to her.

“She’s still not here. We tried to call her but she won’t pick up. We’re really getting worried now.” JeA’s voice almost sound like she was about to cry.

“I’ll be there.”

Kwon passed the phone to SeulOng , grabbed his coat and keys and drove to GaIn’s dorm to meet up with JeA.

JeA then instructed SeulOng to report to the police station.



“GaIn…..answer the phone please.” JeA has been calling GaIn’s phone for the past hour now. She can feel that something’s not right.

Where the hell is she? It’s already past midnight! She should be home by now. Why do I feel nervous?

After an hour of failed attempt to talk to GaIn, she called Miryo.

“Miryo, are you home already?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Could you come over? GaIn is…she’s not yet home and I’m feeling really nervous.”

“Okay. I’ll call our manager and inform her about the situation.”

Miryo hung up. JeA then decided to call Narsha and told her to come over too. After 15 minutes, Narsha came with Lee and asked JeA what happened.

“She went to the Greenhouse earlier and told us that she’ll just walk back home. After that, she never call or text. “

“Shouldn’t we inform Kwon? I mean, maybe he knows where we can find GaIn.” Narsha suggested.

JeA was hesitant for a while, trying to think whether doing so is the right thing to be done.

“I guess we should.”

JeA dialled SeulOng’s number.

“Ong, is Kwon there? Could you please call him? This is an emergency. It’s about GaIn.”



Kwon drove as fast as he can, not really minding if he’s driving too fast. Tears start to form in his eyes.

GaIn. Where are you? Don’t be like this. Don’t make me worry this much. GaIn.

After a few minutes, Kwon already arrived outside BEG’s dorm. He hasn’t been here for almost a year or so. He felt more nervous. He knocked and Lee opened the door for him.

“Nuna. What happened?!” Kwon’s voice is still shaking.

“She insisted on going to the Greenhouse earlier. She said that she’d just walk home. But she’s still not here and she doesn’t answer my calls.” JeA’s already teary-eyed.

“Could you try calling her?” Narsha is sitting beside JeA, trying to be calm.

Kwon took out his phone and dialled GaIn’s number.

GaIn. Yeobo. Please pick up. Please answer my call.

The ring ended. He tried to call again, but the phone’s now off.

This made Kwon and the others more nervous.

“I already asked Ong and the others to report it to the police station.”

“We’ll meet up with the other guys then. You should just stay here. We’ll call you if there are any news.”

Kwon tried hard to remain as calm as possible for the BEG nunas to not be worried.

“Nuna. I won’t return without GaIn, i promise you.”

After reassuring JeA and the others, Kwon took off and Lee came with him.


Kwon and Lee finally arrived at the police station and saw SeulOng, Changmin and Jinwoon talking to the police officer.

”Sir, do you know Son GaIn of the Brown Eyed Girls? She’s missing right now. We would want to ask for your assistance to look for her.” SeulOng said.

“Oh. The one with a great legs, eh? Man, that girl sure can dance. I really like her solo part in their dance. Makes me want to dance with her. Hehehe.” The police officer said. Obviously, he couldn’t sense the importance of the case being reported.

Kwon was pissed with what the officer said. He walked towards the police officer’s table and slammed it.

“This. Is not. A. Laughing. Matter. Sir.” His eyes seems like it’s burning. “Could you please. Get. Someone. Who could. Help us. Look. For GaIn??!” His teeth were clenched as he speak. He tried hard not to do anything to the officer.

The police looked surprised and immediately called for assistance.

Kwon then turned around to talk to SeulOng and the others. They all looked surprise, too.

“We’ll search the whole area around the Greenhouse first. SeulOng hyung, you can go with Lee hyung. Jinwoon will go with Changmin hyung. I can go alone for now.” Kwon said. (uwaa~ Kwon sounds so cool~ /fangirl-ing alone/ LOL)

Kwon gave the police officer the address of the Greenhouse and told them that they’d be heading there first and they’ll just wait for the police assistance there.

“Will you be alright alone?” Changmin asked Kwon.

“Yes, I’m okay. Call me when you found something, okay?”

Changmin and SeulOng nodded and they all took off.



JeA, Miryo, Narsha and their manager patiently waits for some news regarding GaIn.

“It’s the first time that something like this happened to us. And of all people, why GaIn.” JeA cupped both her hands on her face and started to cry.

Narsha, on the other hand, had been silently praying for GaIn and the guys’ safety.

“Should we call one of the guys now and ask them for updates or something? We can’t just sit here and wait.” Miryo said.

Narsha then took out her phone and called her boyfriend.

“Lee, what’s going on there? Any news?”

“None yet. We’re heading to the Greenhouse area now to look for GaIn or anything that can help us find her.”

“Okay then. Please call us if anything comes up. You take care, okay?”

“Okay.” Lee hung up the phone.

“I guess we really can’t do anything now but to sit and wait.” Narsha calmly said.

Silence filled the BEG dorm. After a few hours, there have been no updates yet. Not until a phone call broke their silence.



Kwon drove alone and headed straight to the Greenhouse. He opened the door and left a note on a nearby table.

Yeobo, if you read this note, please stay here and wait for me.

After leaving the note, he left the door unlocked and started searching for GaIn. He ran and ran. He searched the whole area but found nothing. He thought about asking the others if they found something. He then called Changmin.

“Hyung, have you found something?”

“We asked some people if they have seen GaIn around. Some of them did see her walking around the area but they have no idea where GaIn’s headed to.”

“Okay. If anything else comes up, call me.”

Kwon hung up and continued searching. After a while, the police came. They surrounded the whole area and started searching. But eventually, they found nothing too.

He’s now feeling emotionally and physically weak so he sat down. Tears are now forming on Kwon’s eyes. Thoughts about their happy past came back on his head. But what made those tears fall is the thought that there’s a possibility that he can never have any memories with her again. The thought of it made him want to look for her more so he stood up, and starts searching again.

Please. Don’t let anything bad happen to her.

Kwon mumbled silent prayers while thoroughly searching for any signs of GaIn.

He searched hard, but he didn’t find anything either.

He then found himself walking back to the Greenhouse. An unusual feeling strikes him. He looked around and saw blood-stained leaves on the floor as walked by. His hear thumped hard. Almost feeling like it’s going to explode anytime. He walked faster and faster until he’s almost running.

He opened the door and found a very weak and almost lifeless woman. His woman. GaIn.

Kwon called JeA immediately.

“Nuna. I found her. We’re heading to the hospital”


Author’s Note: Okay, i don’t think this is good enough. I can see every scene on my mind, but I honestly can’t put it into words. So, sorry if this isn’t good enough :) i still tried hard though :D hehe i dunno how long this could get, but i feel like it’s ending soon O_O haha comments please :)

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  1. wency says:

    Great chapter! gosh, it was so filled with suspense… are you trying to copy Filipino dramas? hehehe… can’t wait for the next chapter… i do hope Gain didn’t try to commit suicide. Can you update this one quicker? the suspense is killing me… 🙂

  2. Rojane says:


  3. azwa says:

    it’s updated!!!
    thank you!!
    as always, it really awesome and once again cliffhanger!
    but i like it.
    what happen to gain? hope nothing bad 😦
    cant wait for next chapter. update soon!

  4. athenarei says:

    i wonder what happened to her … someone mentioned suicide ??? possible reason … arghh, can’t think of any scenario that fits the story … anyway, hopefully you find time to post the next chapter … looking forward to it …

  5. huntn4y says:

    kyaaaa… what’s going to be happen??
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  6. hny1611 says:

    nice chapterrr…love reading it, i can wait for the next chapter…suspense…hehe..drama all da way..pliss continue writing it…

  7. ochie says:

    Please update quickly…really can’t wait for next chapter…please make it fast

  8. WaNdA says:

    OMO..!!!..what did happen to GaIn??
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  10. caysme says:

    wow.. at last.. Thank you for your wonderful fanfic!! i always check your blog everyday! hope to read the next chapter soon! 🙂
    “Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…” 🙂

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    Awesome!! What’s gonna happen next?! Update soon! Hwaiting!!!! ^^

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    you’re really great!
    I loved this chap~
    Hope gain will be okay..
    Fighting! ^^/

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