Untitled – Chapter 2

A/N: This update is seriously long O_O LOL haha if by the end of this chapter you get confused or something, just leave a comment and i’ll answer your questions 😀 😀 have fun~


He hoped time will stop. Hoped that the road that they’re walking won’t end. Hoped that the moment won’t be ruined. Hoped that they can stay like this forever.

Taecyeon loves the feeling of being in love with her. He never attempted to tell her anything or even give her any hints about how he feels for her. He doesn’t want this beautiful friendship to be ruined. And besides, he knows that GaIn will never have feelings for him. Why? He don’t know. He just feels like he’s not the type of guy that GaIn will fall for.

“Oh~ Here we are! Let’s go in~” GaIn stopped and pointed at a small restaurant across the road.

“That’s it? Are you sure?” Taecyeon looked unsure.

“Yeah! Trust me, they serve great food~” She looked excited. A wide smile seems to be plastered on her perfect face.

GaIn-ah, please don’t smile like that. I might melt. And. GaIn…Saranghae.

She pulled Taecyeon violently, “Come on! I’m hungry!”

Once inside, GaIn was the one who ordered food, giving Taecyeon quite some time to stare at her.

He examined her face. The ever-so-famous eye smile that can win the hearts of anyone who sees them. Her nose that’s so perfect, no one could imagine that it even exists. Her bright smile that can make people think that the world has become a better place.

He always feel envious of the guy who’d marry her. The guy who’d be able to receive so much care from her. The guy who’d be able to spend the rest of his life with her.

How I wish it could be me.

“…and two ice creams please. Thank you.” GaIn smiled at the waiter then looked at Taecyeon.

“Something wrong?”

“Huh?” Taecyeon looked confused.

“You’ve been staring at me for who-knows-how-long!” GaIn smirked.

“Nah! I was looking at the..uhm..I was..looking at your eyeliner! Why the hell did you make it extra thick today?” Taecyeon knew that his excuse is so damn lame.

“Psh. Lame excuses. Nevermind.”

GaIn’s phone rang.

*Unidentified Caller*

“Oh. Who could this be? Wait for the food, I’ll just answer this call.” GaIn stood up and went outside.

Taecyeon patiently waited, not for the food, but for GaIn to come back. He’s wondering who called GaIn. He kinda has a feeling that something’s gonna happen. Something that’s not good.

After 5 minutes, GaIn walked back inside the restaurant, looking dumbfounded.

“Ya. Who’s that? Ya!” Taecyeon tapped GaIn’s shoulder, snapping her back to reality.

“It’s…SeulOng.” GaIn looked straight to Taecyeon. Her expression? (O_O) <-this

“SeulOng? Im SeulOng?” Taecyeon’s also surprised.


Both of them were silent for a while.

Why would he call GaIn again? Will he ask her out again? Ugh. I hate this.

“What did he say?”

“He wants me to…”

Taecyeon’s eyes widened.

“…have dinner with him.”

Taecyeon’s heart beats faster. He’s not nervous. He’s scared. His last inch of hope of him being able to date the woman he loves the most is now gone.

“What did you tell him?”

“I said I’d think about it. What do you think? Should I go?”


“Why are you asking me? That’s a decision that you need to make on your own.”

All of a sudden, the waiter popped up and served them everything they ordered.

”Don’t think about it now. You might have indigestion.”


SeulOng was about to sleep now. He felt really tired because he stayed up all night with some family members and just got back at the dorm by 8 or 9 in the morning. But his conversation with his mom earlier didn’t make him sleep.

“Ong, have you been talking with GaIn-ah?” SeulOng’s mom is busy doing the dishes while talking to him.

“GaIn? Why did you ask?” SeulOng was shocked by his mom’s question.

“It’s just that…we miss her. You knew how good she was to us. And I feel like she is my real daughter.”
She glanced at Ong with a weak smile on her face. “You guys had a great relationship. I honestly never thought that you’d break-up.”

SeulOng was silent. He doesn’t know what to say.

“If you don’t mind me asking, is there no chance of you getting back together again?”
His mom’s question made him think hard about the matter.

“Uhm.. Actually..”

Should I tell her that I want GaIn back? Is that what I really wanted?

“…I don’t have the time to think about it, yet. I’m quite busy lately and we don’t have the time to contact each other anymore.”

A pinch of guilt made it through his heart.

Why didn’t I contact her after we broke up?! Uh.. Babo.

“Come to think of it, you didn’t have any other reasons to break up back then, just time and career.”

“Omma, let’s uhm..let’s not talk about it anymore.”

SeulOng can’t take it anymore. Not that he’s hurt or something. Bringing back memories from the past just makes him regret more.

“Ong, just remember that I want you to be happy. I may not know what you are thinking and what you really feel, but somehow, as your mom, I know what makes you happy the most.”

She kissed her son and walked out.

His short conversation with his mom serves like a wake-up call. It made him think about things that he didn’t bother to think of in the past year, or maybe things that he didn’t want to think of.

But now, he took time the time to think about these things. The things that mattered to him the most. The people who mattered to him the most. GaIn.

That’s why he called her.


“Hey. You busy? Let’s grab some lunch.” Kwon called her girlfriend, Raina.

“Sorry, I can’t.”


“Yeah. Sorry. It’s just that we have lots to do today. I’ll make it up to you next time.”

“I guess it can’t be helped.” He sounded disappointed, but he knew that whenever Raina refused, he can’t do anything to change her mind. He hung up.

He sighed deep.

I’ve been eating lunch alone for the last month. Can’t she just make time to eat with me? I feel like I don’t have a girlfriend.

He put on his mask and walked out the dorm.

He decided to take his car and drive around the city to look for a place to eat. He then decided to eat at a small restaurant.

He carefully parked his car and get off. As he was entering the restaurant, he saw a familiar face. A very familiar face.


Wha..What the hell?!

She’s with someone. Someone who’s also familiar to Kwon.

Raina’s ex.

No. Maybe it’s a business meeting..or..or maybe..

Kwon’s still not finished with his thoughts when he saw the man feed Raina…and held her hands…and kissed her.

What. The. Hell.

Isn’t it still too early to cheat??! We’ve been together for only two months and now she’s cheating already?!

He wanted to approach them and punch the man’s face…but he did not. He thought that they are not worth his effort. So instead, he went back to his car and drove off.

As he was driving, his phone rang. He pulled off on a corner and answered the call.

“Hello? Manager hyung.”

“Hello Kwon-ah. Are you busy right now? Could you meet me at the office?”

“Oh. Okay. I’m on my way.”

-at the office-

“Kwon, our boss already approved in this project. We are only waiting for you to sign the contract.” The 2AM manager calmly said while sorting out the papers that Kwon must sign.

“So what project are we talking about here, hyung?”

“MBC’s We Got Married producers wants you in the show. I think this is a good opportunity for you.”

Maybe this would keep me busy and keep my mind out of that cheater.

“Okay then. Where should I sign?”

Without even thinking twice, he signed everything he needs to sign.

“So, who’s going to be my partner?” Kwon asked his manager.

“We still have no idea. We have to wait until the first shooting.”

Kwon just nodded.

-after 3 days-

Kwon decided to break up with Raina.

This is the day. I’d rather end this relationship than be cheated for a long time.

He then drive off to Raina’s apartment to talk to her only to find that no one’s home.

That’s why he called her.


After SeulOng’s call, GaIn is still shocked. She couldn’t even finish her food.

“Ya. Eat up. You ordered so much but you’re not even eating.” Taecyeon looked at her. Worried.

“Nah. It’s just that..I’m..I’m not sure about how I feel for him anymore. I mean, I really loved him before. But now..we didn’t even kept in touch since we broke up.” From the look at her face, anyone could tell that she’s also worried and confused. Memories from how they broke up found its way through her head again.

“We don’t get to do this more often now.” GaIn rests her head comfortably on SeulOng’s shoulder while he wraps his arms around her. Finally, after almost two months, they met up again.
“We have been too busy to even make time for each other.” SeulOng said.

They kept silent for about 5 minutes.

“Ong, aren’t you tired?”

“Tired of what? Work? Of course I’m tired.”

“No. Of this. I mean, you know how much I love you, right? But this. This is not what I wanted.” GaIn tried to say the right words.

“What do you mean?” SeulOng’s voice..he’s about to cry.

“I mean..don’t you think this is not the right time for us? For our relationship. We only get to see each other once every two months or so. We cannot stay like that. I want more. I want a real relationship. I want our old relationship. When we get to hang out a lot and spend time with our families.”

SeulOng didn’t answer. He knew what GaIn’s about to say next.

“Please understand. I really love you, you know that.” GaIn now faced SeulOng, looking at his eyes. Her hands holding his.

“I understand. But please, do remember that even if we’re not together, even if I don’t get the chance to say this to you everytime, I really really really love you.” SeulOng leaned closer, caressed her face and planted a deep sincere kiss on her lips.

Just the image of that night makes GaIn feel like crying again. She’s quite sure that she moved on. But she has no idea why she still feels this way.


Taecyeon’s calm voice stopped GaIn from reminiscing the past.

“Your phone’s ringing.”

GaIn then took out her phone and saw that it’s her manager.

“Wait, it’s manager-unnie. “ GaIn didn’t bother to go out to answer the call.

“Hello. Oh, unnie….Yea…Right now? Okay. I’ll be there in 30 minutes. I’m just gonna ask Taec to give me a ride. Bye.” GaIn put down her phone and called the waiter for the bill.

“Where are you going? You have a schedule? I thought it’s your free day?” Taecyeon flooded GaIn questions while taking out his card. He gave the waiter his card and waited for GaIn to answer.

“Manager-unnie wants to meet up with me in the office. She said we have to discuss about a project. You’d give me a ride?” GaIn flashed a smile.

“Of course, I will. As if I have any choice.”

After settling the bill, they both stood up and walked up to Taecyeon’s dorm.

“Are you okay?” Taecyeon asked GaIn as he opened the car door for her.

“Do I look okay?”


“What?! I should look okay. I AM okay.”

“No you’re not. You can conceal your feelings to anyone, but you can never ever fool your bestfriend.”

Taecyeon started the car and drove off. After a few minutes, they arrived at NN’s office.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” Taecyeon asked.

“Could you?”

“Of course. Give me a call once your finished.”

“Thank you, Taec. You really are the best.” GaIn gave Taecyeon a hug and get off the car.

-at the office-

“GaIn-ah. New project. MBC’s We Got Married wants you.”

The manager didn’t even wait for GaIn to sit down before speaking.

“Unnie, can’t I sit first before we discuss about this.” GaIn let out a short laugh.

“Oh. Sorry. I’m just excited. This can be a good opportunity for you and the group.”

“Yes. What did the CEO said?”

“He’s actually worried about this because the guy fans might not like the idea. But I think it’ll be okay.”

“Okay then. I’m gonna do it.”

GaIn signed the papers and asked a few questions regarding the new project. Afterwards…

“Unnie, if we’re finished here, I’m going out first.”

“Okay. Wait, I’ll call the driver.”

“No, no. Taecyeon’s waiting for me outside. Just call me if anything important comes up.”

“Oh..Taecyeon. Okay then., You guys take care.”

GaIn then left her manager and went to the car park to search for Teacyeon. After a couple of minutes of searching, she saw him from afar and it seems like he was talking to someone on the phone.

“Oh..Is that so? Well, I guess it’s for you to decide. I really can’t give you any advice with that.” Taecyeon’s voice is on low volume but GaIn can still hear it since there’s no one else in the carpark.

“I’ll see what I can do. Okay. Bye.” Taecyeon hung up and turned around. To his surprise, GaIn was standing there sporting a who-the-hell-are-you-talking-to face.

“What the…you surprised me! Are you planning to give me a heart attack?” Taecyeon said.

“And who are you talking to?” GaIn flashed her hawk eye stare on Taecyeon.

“No one. Are we going now?”

“I won’t go with you if you won’t tell me.”

“Come on. Don’t be so childish.”


“You really want to know who called me?”

“Yeah. I really do.”


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