The One I Love – Chapter 8

Author’s Note: Thank y’all for continuously reading my fic 😀 haha Well, I think this chapter is one of the most memorable for me even though it’s short LOL haha it’s kinda better than the other chapters XD well anyway, enjoy~

And, Anderei, I actually haven’t written a chapter with skinship in it, but I definitely will. XD haha I just dunno when 😀 😀



After the performance, GaIn is still trying to hold back her tears. She doesn’t want to break down. Not here, with all the guests’ eyes on her and her unnies.

“Hey guys, I have to go now. Lee has been waiting for me for hours already. We have an important appointment to attend to. We’re meeting with the wedding planner.” Narsha smiled brightly and she looked so excited.

‘”Uwa~ I’m so jealous. T_T” JeA jokingly said.

“I’m also going now. I’ll be going to my parents’ house tonight. You two take care, okay?” Miryo said.

“Okay, then.” JeA gave her members a goodbye hug.

“Hey, you better look after GaIn. She might cry again.” Miryo whispered JeA.


Narsha and Miryo both said their goodbyes to GaIn who is silently sitting in a corner, feeling weak.

After the two left, JeA pulled out a seat and placed it beside GaIn.

“Ya. You can cry now. I know you just don’t want Narsha and Miryo to see you crying.” JeA softly said, not looking at GaIn.

“Unnie, this would be the last time that I’d cry for him. I am still in love with him. But I don’t want this feeling anymore. I want to forget him.”

“If that’s what you think is right, then do so.”

“I’m sorry for making you sing that song. I didn’t thought it’d end up this way.” Kim popped out of nowhere.

“It’s okay.” GaIn smiled weakly at Kim, trying to ease the burden that Kim might be feeling right now.

GaIn stood up and gave Kim a tight hug.

“We’ll go now. Congratulations again. I’ll give you a call soon.”

Kim nodded and smiled.

The two ladies walked away and went inside their nanny van.


Silence fill the nanny van. Even their manager didn’t bother asking what’s wrong since she already knew what happened.

“Manager unnie.” GaIn broke the silence.

The manager was shocked by the sudden call.


“Can you drop me off the Greenhouse? I’ll just walk home later.”

“Are you sure?” JeA asked.

GaIn nodded.

“Okay, then.” The manager turned to driver, “Turn around. Greenhouse.”



“Where are we going?” GaIn kept on asking Kwon the same question for about 30 minutes now.

“You just wait. I’ll bring you to a lovely place.” Kwon smiled at GaIn and gave her a quick peck.

“Ya! Focus on your driving!” GaIn giggled.

At last, the car stopped. GaIn couldn’t see anything pretty. Just a bunch of huge trees, something like a mini-forest.

“Where is this? And what are we doing in a forest? You’re not kidnapping me, are you?” GaIn turned to Kwon, looking curious.

“In your dreams!” Kwon teased her. GaIn gave him a playful punch. “Come here.”

He blind-folded her and held her hands.

“Don’t let go of my hand. Or else you might lose me.”

GaIn smiled and held his hand tight. They kept walking for another 10 minutes.

“Okay, we’re here.” Kwon stopped. He looked at GaIn who’s still blind-folded, and smiled. He worked hard for this day.

“Shouldn’t you be untying my blind-fold now?” GaIn said, softly laughing. “I bet you’re spacing out again.”

“Of course not. Why are you so impatient nowadays?” Kwon jokingly said.

“No, I’m not.” She still can’t hide the happiness she feels even though she still has no idea where they are.

At last, Kwon took off GaIn’s blind-fold.

“Wha…Uwaaaaa~ <3” GaIn was dumb-founded when she opened her eyes.

Everything looks great. Colourful flowers surround her. Different kinds of plants fill her sight.

“I put too much effort here. This is what kept me busy for quite some time.”

GaIn still can’t say anything. She can’t even close her mouth because of what she’s seeing.

“I think I deserve a ‘Thank you’.” Kwon said. He knew that his girlfriend liked it sooooo much.

“Yeobo~ You really are the best! Thank you so much!” GaIn hugged Kwon really really tight and gave him a kiss. A kiss that seemed longer than their whole ride going in this awesome place.

“I knew you’d like it.”

“I love it.” GaIn flashed a bright smile.

“That’s a relief.” Kwon gave her a backhug. “I made this just for you. Whenever you feel stressed because of work or if you want to relax, you can go here.”

“What if I feel stressed because of you? Can I still go here?” GaIn jokingly said.

“That won’t happen…ever! I will never ever make you angry or make you feel stressed. I will only give you happiness.”

“Yeah right. Haha” GaIn may sound sarcastic, but she felt reassured.

-end of Greenhouse flashback LOL-



Should I or should I not?

Kwon has been debating with himself while driving his way back to Kim’s wedding. After breaking up with Raina, he wants to talk to GaIn and tell her everything, about what he really feels. But somewhere deep inside him tells him to turn the car around and go somewhere else.

No. I shouldn’t.

Kwon fought the urge to turn the car around.

After who-knows-how-long-but-feels-like-forever, he arrived at Kim’s wedding again. Only a few number of people were left, but he still hopes that one of these few people is GaIn.

He scanned the place, searching in every corner of it, but no GaIn.

Disappointed, he turned on the car engine and drove away. This time, he was sure of where he’s headed.

To the Greenhouse.

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