Dazed and Confused Readers’ Comment

The “Dazed and Confused” magazine is out and some people have already bought it. A comment in one of the threads about the magazine caught my attention:

저두 잡지구입했는데요…잡지 24page 보면 에디터가 이번에 촬영하면서 가인에게 느낌점을 써놓았는데 완전좋아요…가인이가 사람됨됨이가 됐더라구요…완전칭찬일색…마지막글귀에 에디터가 ‘권’이가 내 동생이라면 이 여자를 꼭 잡으라고 조언했을거다.라고 써놓았어요….ㅋㅋㅋ

I bought the magazine too…when you look at page 24 of the magazine, the editor wrote down everything he felt about Gain while doing the photoshoot and it’s really great…Gain has become a person with character…he praises her so much…in the last passage, the editor wrote “If ‘Kwon’ was my dongsaeng, I would have given him the advice to hold on this woman.”….kekeke


From _xeth via Twitter

I personally think that GaIn changed ever since she met Kwon 😀 Well, I think that’s what happens when a person’s in love, right? 🙂 aww~ so cute~ haha

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