The One I Love – Chapter 7


The guests applauded and the BEG grabbed their mics and went up the stage.

“First of all, we would like to congratulate the newlyweds and we wish you a happy and prosperous life.” JeA glanced at Kim and his wife and smiled.

“We actually thought that this song is not appropriate in this kind of event, but Kim insisted that this is what we should be singing. So… this is it.” Narsha explained.

The song really is inappropriate for the newlyweds. But for GaIn and Kwon, this is the perfect song.

“Drunk On Sleep.”

Darn you Kim. I’m gonna kill you. Why the hell did you choose this song. Argh.

The music started and GaIn became nervous. More nervous than when they have live performances or concerts. The other BEG members felt her nervousness.

“GaIn, just relax, okay?” Narsha gave GaIn a slight nod.

GaIn smiled. She knew that her unnies know what she’s feeling. She felt more relaxed, but still nervous.

Her part is just about 5 seconds away and it feels like her heart is about to jump out of her chest.

Kwon, please listen well.

~Tightly closing my eyes, a tear rolls down my face and onto the pillow. Another tear and they all spill, bringing the idea of erasing each other.~

What she really wanted to say to Kwon was Miryo’s rap:

~Every night in my dreams, in my dreams I can see you. Making me relive the old times. When all between us seemed well and happy. I don’t want to ever wake up from this dream.~

GaIn was unconsciously looking at Kwon the whole time she was singing. The audience weren’t paying much attention about it. But Kwon is. Because he’s also looking at her the whole time.

But there’s another person from the audience who have been closely observing GaIn and Kwon’s actions.



Is it just me or she’s really singing for me? I can feel it.

Kwon obviously couldn’t take his eyes off GaIn. He wants to freeze the time and just look at her looking at him like that. He wants to go up the stage and just hug GaIn.

He wanted to.

But he can’t.

The next thing he knew, BEG’s performance already ended and Raina’s looking at him.

Crap. I completely forgot about Raina for a while there. I hope she didn’t saw me looking at GaIn.

“Can we go home now? I’m not feeling well.” Raina said. She looked kinda sick.

“Is that so? Okay. I’ll just tell Kim-hyung and SeulOng-hyung that we’ll be going first.”

Kwon stood up to find for Kim. As he was searching for him, he saw the person he’d like to see the most.


She’s with Kim and JeA. GaIn seems to be crying and that sight crushes Kwon’s heart. He wants to hug her and be there for her but he knew that if he does that, he might not be able to let go. So instead, he turned around and walked away.


A gloomy atmosphere is beginning to form up while Kwon and Raina are on their way to her apartment. None of them dared to talk about the wedding or just about anything.

Finally, they arrived in front of Raina’s apartment but she didn’t seem to be preparing to step out of the car.

“How can you do this to me?” Raina broke the silence. She’s not looking at Kwon but he can sense that she’s about to cry.

“What? What did I do?” Kwon was surprised. But he knows what Raina’s talking about.

“Do you still love her?”


“GaIn unnie.”

Kwon didn’t bother to answer. Deep inside him, he knew that he never stopped loving GaIn.

“Actually, you don’t even need to say it. I can see it in your eyes. The way you look at her. That’s how I wanted you to look at me. That’s how I expect you to look at me. But you never did.” Raina’s voice is shaking. Tears started to flow down her cheeks.

Still, Kwon didn’t answer, not because he doesn’t know what to say but because he knew that if he dares to say anything about GaIn, he will definitely crush Raina’s heart.

“Did you even love me? Please tell me honestly.” This time, she looked at Kwon. Her eyes pleading him to say ‘yes’.

Kwon let out a deep sigh before he answer.

“Honestly, you really are a wonderful person. You made me feel loved and cared for. I kept on thinking that the man who’ll marry you someday will be so lucky to have you.” He paused.

“I tried to love you. I really did. But…”

“But you still love GaIn unnie.”

Kwon looked her in the eyes. “I’m really sorry. I should’ve told you earlier. I’m really really sorry.” Kwon reiterates how sorry he is to Raina.


Raina thought that one slap would be enough to let Kwon know how hurt she is. But it’s not. She felt like her heart would explode.

“Did you even know how much I love you? I can’t even do anything that could hurt you besides that one slap. But you…you fooled me.”

“I’m sorry.” Kwon can’t express how sorry he is to Raina. He hugged Raina tight.

Even though it hurts her to let the man she loves go, she still did.

“I’ll let you go. Because I love you and I want you to be happy. Soon enough, I’m sure I can find the right man for me and by then, I’ll be sincerely happy for you.” Raina kissed Kwon for the last time and stepped out of the car.

Kwon really feels bad for what he did with Raina. But at the same time, he felt lighter because now he can already tell GaIn how much she means to him and that he never stopped loving her.

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12 Responses to The One I Love – Chapter 7

  1. han says:

    I like this chap, but it’s little short, hehe
    I waited for your fanfic everyday, guy…
    Thanks so much
    Love your ff and our adam

  2. andrea (korimbia) says:

    OMG i love your FF
    its awesome and i cant stop reading hahahaha
    thank you for making this wonderful story ^^

  3. Anderei says:

    wow, what will happen next? this is getting pretty interesting… 🙂 i really love your work, be waiting for the next chapters 🙂

    • hai anderei~~ ❤ oh, btw, it's been already 7 chapters but i still haven't thanked you yet. 😀 I got the name of GaIn's salt room guy from your fic LOL haha i can't really think of any names that's why i just used Kim XD but thanks~

      • Anderei says:

        credit goes to charmedlife666=audrey for the name of the salt room guy 🙂

        are you going to include scenes with SKINSHIP??? I need them!!!

        keke just joking

  4. PaNdA says:

    *sigh*…I felt lighter too…hahaha…
    what’s next?what’s next?so curious…>_<..
    update soon~

  5. wency says:

    i need more chapters… honestly, your fanfic is addicting… just like aubrey’s 🙂

  6. thank y’all for reaing the fic 😀 unfortunately, only a few are commenting O_O haha but still, i’m happy LOL

  7. kiechan says:

    go kwonnie go!
    I hope raina will find nice guy for herself 🙂
    Keep fighting! ^^/

  8. Phateebabee says:

    pwahaha .. wow that was a quick way to get rid of Raina … hahaha atleast its kinda like a nice ending sorta?? .. its sad, but happy … but hope Raina does find a nice guy and they all be happy … hehehe … Well just to let you know, LOVIN your work!!!

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