The One I Love – Chapter 6


Kwon still couldn’t grasp what SeulOng said.

Had I known earlier that they’re not even together, I could’ve asked her out again. We could’ve been happy now.

Could. Have. Been.

“Yeobo? Yeobo. You’re spacing out again.” Raina snapped him back to reality.

“Oh…I’m just thinking about things. What did I miss?”

“The ceremony’s over. I’m going to get us some food. Wait here, okay?” Raina stood up and walked away.

As Raina stood up, Kwon sees GaIn again. She’s just sitting in the next table with the other BEG nunas.

Kwon felt like crying as he stares at GaIn talking to the newlyweds. He wanted to hug her and tell her that he’s sorry and that he want them back together.

“Yeobo. You like mussels, right?” Raina’s approaching their table with only one plate on hand.

“Uhm. I’m allergic to mussels.”

“Really? I should have known. Okay. I got you a curry, instead.”

“Erm. Curry makes me puke.”

“Oh. Right.” Raina looked disappointed. “I guess you should just eat the meat.”

“Sounds good.”


“Congratulations. I’m so happy for the both of you.”

“Thank you, GaIn-ah. Now you go get your food already.”

“Okay. Thanks~” GaIn beamed a smile as the newlywed couple left their table.

As she was about to stand up, she saw Raina approaching the table next to hers, with a plate and a smile.
She sat down again. She feels weak with just the sight of “Kwon’s girlfriend”.

“Yeobo. You like mussels, right?”

No. He’s allergic to mussels.

“Uhm. I’m allergic to mussels.”

“…I got you a curry, instead.”

Wrong. He doesn’t like curry. He might puke.

“Erm. Curry makes me puke.”

GaIn smiled a bitter smile at herself. Feeling proud even though she’s still in pain.

She should’ve known better. Psh. Not even asking what he’s allergic to.

She stood up, went to the buffet and got herself some food. While she’s on her way back at the table, she saw Raina, being oh-so-sweet with Kwon. It looks so natural. It’s as if they’re a match made in heaven. The pain becomes stronger now.

“Are you okay?” JeA was standing right behind GaIn and she knew that GaIn saw what Raina was doing to Kwon.

“Oh! Unnie. You scared me. Uhm. I’m fine. Why would you even ask such question?” GaIn forced a smile.

JeA is aware that GaIn is feeling so much pain right now. She can even see tears forming up on GaIn’s eyes.

“Okay, then. Just don’t make those tears fall down or else your make-up will be ruined. Come on. Let’s sit.”

GaIn hurriedly sat down and wiped the yet-to-fall tears carefully.


After eating, Kwon stood up and excused himself to Raina. He said that he’ll just be going to the men’s room.

Raina looked like she wants to object but Kwon already left.

While on the way, Kwon saw Kim drinking champagne alone at a quiet place. He approached Kim and he intend to talk to him about GaIn.

“Hyung. Congratulations.” He smiled at him and tapped his back.

“Thanks.” Kim smiled back at him and took a sip on his champagne. “You like GaIn, right?”

Kwon was shocked with what Kim said. He just stared at him and said nothing.

“I knew it. I saw the way you look at her. It’s almost the same as how I look at her 6 years ago. That’s how I knew you’re so into her.” Kim is not looking at Kwon. He’s staring at a blank space.

“Then why didn’t you say something before? I mean, I’ve always thought that you and GaIn are dating ever since the New Year concert.” He’s just looking down. He also can’t look at Kim.

“I didn’t know you thought of it that way.”

“But you were hugging. And being sweet with each other.”

“You could’ve asked me directly. It has been quite a long time since that happened. You wasted some time, buddy.”

“Hyung. Do you think I should pursue her again?”

“If I say you should, what would you do with Raina? I can see that she loves you. If you break up with her, she’ll definitely be hurt.”

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know if GaIn still loves me. If I get back with GaIn, I’m going to hurt Raina. If I don’t, I’m going to hurt myself forever.”

“Well, that’s something that only you can answer.” Kim looked at Kwon sincerely and smiled. “I should go back now. “

Kim turned around and left. Kwon was really confused now. His short conversation with Kim made him think about so many things.

Should I really tell GaIn that I still love her and I never stopped loving her? What should I do with Raina? Or should I just continue being with Raina and start forgetting about GaIn? Can I ever be happy again?

“There you are!” Raina appeared from nowhere and held Kwon’s hand. “What’s taking you so long? I’ve been looking for you.”

“Oh. I was with Kim-hyung about a minute ago. We just talked.”

”Ah.. Okay. Come on. Let’s dance. The music’s good.”

Kwon didn’t had the chance to say no. They joined other guests in the dance floor. Of course, the music has a slow and sweet melody and gives off a couple vibe. Raina looked happy while dancing. Kwon is forcing himself to look happy, too. But at the back of his mind, he’s thinking about the times when he and GaIn danced, even without sweet music or anything. They just dance whenever they feel doing so.

The music ended quickly and the couples who danced immediately sat down. The MC starts to introduce the next one who’ll give a performance for the newlyweds.

“Now, to give a heart-warming performance for the newlywed, let’s give a round of applause for the Brown Eyed Girls!”


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  1. Clariz says:

    Hey! It’s a Nice story!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. wency says:

    hi… it kind of felt like a filler chapter, but a good one… makes us show that Kwon is torn… i wonder how you’ll resolve the conflict in his mind… can’t wait for the next chapter.

  3. PaNdA says:

    nice fanfiction..>.<
    Kwon-ah makes a move…jinjja..
    updata soon~^^

  4. kiechan says:

    omg! kwonnie what will you do?!
    Next chap will be interesting haha
    keep fighting~ ^^/

  5. Phateebabee says:

    Thank you 🙂
    Nice work…

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