The One I Love – Chapter 5


-after 6 months-

GaIn has been really doing well already. She’s now back to her normal activities with BEG. She’s more focused on work and she’s enjoying every single day of her life.

Kwon, on the other hand, started going out with Raina a month ago. If he’s seriously into her or not, no one knows.

Of course, Kwon and GaIn are still in love with each other. But they decided not to pursue their feelings anymore just for the sake of not being heart-broken again.

If they happen to be guests in the same TV program, Kwon occasionally glances at GaIn and he’ll eventually feel a lot better. He’s now satisfied with just looking at her secretly.

That’s how they continue with their lives…

Both in denial about how they feel for each other…


Jinwoon jumped out of his bed after talking to someone on the phone.

His 3 hyungs are in the living room, eating dinner.

“Hey guys! Have you heard about the news? Kim-hyung is getting married!” Jinwoon’s voice was so loud that even their neighbours could’ve heard what he just said.

Changmin and SeulOng stood up, both looking excited.

On the other hand, Kwon was shocked. He couldn’t even swallow what he’s eating.

Kim-hyung. Getting married. With… With… No. Please let it not be GaIn.

But it should be her. He’s with GaIn, right?

Just thinking about it made Kwon’s tears reappear after quite some time.

He immediately stood up and silently enters his room.

He knew that he can’t do anything about it. He just cried. All night.


“Gain-ah, are you busy right now?”

“Me? Hmm. I’m about to finish my last schedule. Why?”

“Could you drop by here in the cafe just a block away from your dorm? I’ll wait for you there.”

“Oh. Okay. Just wait. I’ll be there after my schedule.”

GaIn ended the call and put down her phone. She knew that this is the right time.
Kim really is keeping his promise. Finally. :)

Right after her schedule, GaIn went straight to the cafe.

There she saw Kim.

And a woman.

GaIn smiled.

“Hi I’m GaIn. You must be Kim’s fiancé?” she shook the girl’s hand with sincerity.

“Nice to meet you. Kim has been telling me lots of stories about you. You must be really close.”

He’s right. She’s such a sweet woman. Look at her. She’s pretty and she definitely looks kind. The perfect woman for Kim. I’m really envious of them. I could’ve been as happy as them, too. Could.Have.Been.

She can’t help but think about Kwon and what COULD HAVE BEEN if they were still together.


-at Kim’s wedding day-

Kwon never thought of looking for GaIn at the wedding. He knew that it would hurt him so much if he sees the woman he loved the most in her wedding dress, marrying other man.

As the BEG nanny van stopped in the main entrance of the wedding hall, he couldn’t help but hope that GaIn is not there.


Kwon is stunned. Maybe due to extreme shock. He saw GaIn step out of the nanny van. Looking more perfect than ever, just like an angel fresh from heaven.

And no. She’s not wearing a wedding dress or something even near a wedding dress.
She’s wearing a short white floral dress, high heels, an elegant bracelet, and…a ring.

The ring…That’s…That’s our ring…

Their eyes met. Both of them do not intend to avoid each other’s glances.

Kwon walked towards GaIn with a small smile in his face.

“Hi. How have you been? Uhm. It’s been quite a while.” Kwon was nervous. Anyone can tell. His voice is shaking. ^_^

“Uhm. I’m..good. I mean, I’ve been good. How about…” As usual, GaIn couldn’t finish her sentence.


Out of nowhere, Raina appeared and gave Kwon a peck.

In. Front. Of. GaIn.

Kwon was shocked. Really shocked.

Why now? GaIn. Please don’t go. I’m sorry. Let’s get back together. I love you. I love you more than her. Please don’t think that I’ve forgotten you already. Please.


I don’t think I can take it anymore. I feel like dying for the nth time already.

“Oh. GaIn unnie? You’re GaIn unnie, right? Oh my gosh. It’s really nice to meet you. I’m a fan, by the way. My name’s Raina. I’m from After School.” The bubbly girl held GaIn’s hand and shook it gently.

“H…Hi. It’s a pleasure meeting you.” GaIn is stuttering. Making it obvious that she’s hurt.

“Yeobo, why didn’t you tell me that you’re friends with GaIn unnie?” Raina said while playfully pulling Kwon’s arms.

Yeobo. I was the one who called him that first.

“Erm…We haven’t seen each other in quite a while now. That’s why I…didn’t uhm had a chance to…introduce her.” Kwon can’t even look at GaIn.

“Uhm. I should go now. The other BEG Unnies are waiting for me inside already. I’ll see you around.”

GaIn quickly turned around, not even thinking of looking back. She looked at the ring she’s wearing and tears fell from her eyes.

“GaIn. Yeobo. I would like to give this ring to you, as a sign of my everlasting love. We might not be officially married, but remember that I love you more than anything and anyone in the world. I promise you. I’ll marry you someday. And have kids with you. And grow old with you. I want to be with you forever.”

I believed you, Kwon. But…I think I should really forget you already.


Kwon wanted to refrain her from leaving. But he can’t. Not when Raina’s around.

“Let’s go inside, yeobo.” Raina’s smile already faded. She looks serious now. If she knew about Kwon and GaIn’s relationship before or not, nobody knows.

“You go first. I’ll wait for SeulOng hyung and the others here.” Kwon insisted on staying outside. Not because he’s really waiting for his members, but because he doesn’t want GaIn to see him with Raina again.

“Ok. If that’s what you want.”

Raina’s words were cold. Kwon knew that something’s bothering Raina. But that’s the least of his problems now. What worries him is GaIn.


After about 10 minutes, SeulOng and Changmin arrived.

“Hyung. I want to ask you something.” Kwon didn’t even wait for SeulOng to enter the hall.

“I bet you didn’t see GaIn wearing a wedding dress, right?” SeulOng knew what’s in Kwon’s mind.

“How did you know? And how did that happen? I didn’t even know they already broke up!”

Obviously, Kwon is confused. He feels like SeulOng’s not telling him something.

“Yeah. They broke up about 6 years ago.He’s GaIn’s ‘salt room guy’.”

“Wha.. What?! Kim-hyung’s the salt room man? But.. They were hugging…and…and” He’s lost for words.

SeulOng explained that Kim has been together with his cousin for about a year already even before the New Year concert.

So…Kim-hyung and GaIn…they were…not together? How can I be this stupid?!

Kwon seemed to space out because of severe shock.

“Let’s go in, now. The ceremony’s about to start.” Changmin looked at his watch and walked in.

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    Ahh… When will GaIn and Kwon know each other’s true feelings? Haha.. Good chapter, hopefully the next chapter will be like a confession chapter? I’m hoping.. 🙂

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    it’s really nice reading your fanfic shoeheadmonster… i liked the part where Kwon finally realizes his mistake… i hope he’d get to confess to Gain sooner…

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