The One I Love – Chapter 4

Author’s Note: This chapter is kinda boring. But please keep reading LOL haha and don’t forget to leave comments 🙂

“Are you with someone right now?”

“Well.. sort of. We’re unofficial.” Kim answered, but he’s not looking at GaIn.

“Oh. Really? You should let me meet her. I’ll warn her about your flaws. Haha.”

“Silly!” Kim laughed.

Kim talked about his “unofficial” girlfriend. How much he enjoys spending time with her. How happy he feels whenever she’s around. How great he feels when she hugs him. And how hurt he is when her parents sent her abroad to study.

“I’m sorry to hear that. Do you still keep in touch?” GaIn curiously asked.

“Yeah. I call her regularly. We had a promise. It really sounds cheesy. But, I think she’s the one. I mean, I want her to be my wife.” Kim’s eyes are glowing while he’s talking about his “unofficial” girlfriend.

From that expression, GaIn could tell that he’s really happy.

“I’m happy for you. You shouldn’t forget to invite me to your wedding when that time comes.”

Kim stood up and gave GaIn a quick but sincere hug.

She meant it. She’s really happy for Kim. But she’s envious of the girl.

She could’ve been happier.

If only she did not let Kwon go.

All the regrets are coming now.

She drowned on her own thought. Thankfully, someone’s there to get her back.

But not in a good way.

It’s Kwon. Did he come to see me? Maybe not.

Who’s that girl?

Why is she hugging him?

Are they together already?

This darn hurts.

No. Please.


Tears eventually flow on her cheek, surprising Kim.

“GaIn! Are you okay? Why are you crying?”

“Haha. I’m fine. I’m just too happy for you. Seriously. I couldn’t believe that someone like you could say something about marriage. If I heard something about you hurting that “unofficial” girlfriend of yours, I’d definitely kill you!”

GaIn managed to fake a smile even though she’s really dying inside.

“I think I should go home now. I’m really kinda tired. Let’s meet up again some time.”

“Okay. I’ll give you a ride.” Kim smiled.

Was it really that easy for you to move on?




A teenage girl ran towards Kwon just in time to grab both his arms to prevent him from falling.

“Oh…Who are…Raina?” Kwon said weakly.

“Oppa! What happened? Are you not feeling good? Wait. Can you stand up? Let’s take a seat.”

Kwon and Raina don’t really know each other personally. They just learned about each other form broadcasts and concerts.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Sorry to bother you. I feel better now. I’ll just call my manager.” Kwon said.

“Are you sure? Do you want me to wait for your manager to come to pick you up?” Raina sure is worried.

“No. You can go now. Thank you. I’m really sorry for bothering you.” Kwon bowed. He is damn embarrassed.

“Oh okay. Please be more careful next time. I’m going now.” Raina stood up, getting ready to go home.

“Thank you. Please take care also.”

“Alright. It’s nice meeting you. I hope next time we meet, you’ll be all better.” Raina smiled at Kwon then left.



Kwon walked towards her and asked for her number. She gladly gave it to him and said goodbye again.

This is just too embarrassing. Son GaIn. Look at what you’re doing to me.


Is she still in the cafe?

Kwon hurriedly ran to check if GaIn’s still in the cafe.

There she is. Looking as perfect as always. She’s standing outside the cafe.

Kwon decided to go talk to GaIn, but something made his mind change.

A car stopped in front of GaIn. Kim stepped out of the car and opened the door for GaIn. She smiled at Kim and went inside the car.

Kwon’s delicate heart has been crushed for the third time today. Now it’s clear for him. She’s moved on already.




His voice can be heard from afar.

The girl beamed a smile at him.

GaIn feels numb all over except her heart. It’s as if someone stabbed her so hard that she doesn’t feel anything other than the pain.

She dare not look at their direction anymore, silently hoping for Kim to pop up ASAP!

GaIn tried her best not to cry again in front of Kim. She held back her tears, and this time, it’s a success.

Kim’s car stopped and he opened the door for her.

“Thanks”, GaIn smiled.

-outside BEG dorm-

“Thanks for the ride. And the coffee. Next time it’ll be my treat.” GaIn smiled at Kim, sincerely thankful for the time.

“No worries. I look forward on seeing you again next time. Bye!~” Kim waved goodbye.

GaIn watched Kim drive away.

I hope I can be as happy as you

-BEG Dorm-


As GaIn entered the dorm, she saw JeA waiting for her in the living room.

JeA wanted to tell GaIn that Kwon has been looking for her earlier. But as soon as GaIn saw her unnie, she just breaks down and cries.

“Unnie. I feel like…I’m dying inside. Was it my…my fault? I shou…shouldn’t have given him up.” GaIn said in between deep sobs.

JeA understands how hard it was for GaIn.

“Maybe I should just get away…and…and go to…a far place, somewhere far from…from him.”

She couldn’t even bear to say his name anymore. That’s how deep it hurts.

JeA hugged her sister. She knew she can’t do anything to comfort her. She just needs to be there for her during that time.

“I knew you’d be like this. I understand. I know how you feel. I know how it hurts. I’ve been there. You just have to be strong, okay? We’ll be here for you.” JeA couldn’t help herself any longer. She cried. She knows EXACTLY how GaIn feels.

After a long silence…

“GaIn, I think you should rest for a while. I mean, from group activities. We’ll just sort out which activities you will attend to. I already told the manager about this and she agreed. We knew you’d be like this. So during your time out, please think about more important things that could help you move on, okay?”

“Yes, unnie. Thank you very much.” GaIn hugged JeA for the last time.

“Okay. Now let’s rest. This has been a very tiring day.”


Kwon was staring blankly at who-knows-where. Still thinking about what just happened earlier.

Kim and GaIn are together now. How come I didn’t even notice? It hurts. But I can’t be angry to GaIn. I love her that much.

“Kwon-ah! Let’s go! ……… YA!” the manager shouted loudly.

Kwon snapped back to reality because of their manager’s loud voice. He ran towards him and stepped in the car.


When Kwon came home, SeulOng was in the living room, playing video games while waiting for Kwon.

“How was it? Did you get to talk to her?”

“No. Hyung…she already moved on. I saw her with Kim-hyung at the cafe. They were hugging and having a great time. “ he tried to fight the tears away, but it’s no use. It still fell anyway.

SeulOng is shocked. Kim and GaIn? That’s impossible!

“Well, I don’t know if this is the right thing to say, but I think you should just let it go and move on. It’s for your own good, too.” SeulOng gave Kwon a quick hug, tapped his shoulders and left.

Hyung. I knew you’d say that. Maybe you’re right. I have no other choice but to move on.

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