The One I Love – Chapter 3


SeulOng, Changmin and Jinwoon immediately greeted GaIn whom they haven’t seen in such a long time.

Kwon, on the other hand, keeps on resisting the temptation to even look at her and just focus on talking to Kim.

What the hell is she doing holding Kim hyung’s hand? Do they even know each other long enough to have that kind of skinship? Has she moved on already?

I want to look at her. No, Kwon. Don’t do it. But, I missed her. I missed her too much, I want to hug her. I want to kiss her. I don’t want her to leave.

As he was so indulged in his own thoughts, GaIn already went out of the room.

It could have been Kwon’s chance to talk to GaIn again. But he missed it.

The members are all looking at him, worried.

Kim is also looking at him, confused.

“Kwon-ah. Are you okay?” Kim said jokingly.

“Ah…yes. I’m fine. What are we talking about again?”

Kim didn’t know what happened between Kwon and GaIn. He didn’t even know that they used to date.

Kwon also didn’t know that the salt room guy, who has been the object of his jealousy during his relationship with GaIn, is the person who’s right in front of him.

“So this should be that and that should be this?” Kim asked.

“………………….”, Kwon is staring blankly at nothing. Obviously, he spaced out again.

Kim snapped his fingers in front of Kwon’s face.


“Oh… Sorry. I was just thinking about some things.” Kwon explained.

“Uhm, Kim, could you excuse us for a while? Let’s just talk later.” SeulOng said with a smile.

“Okay. If you’re all ready, just call me.”

Kim walked out of the room and gently closed the door.

“Ya. Kwon-ah. Get a grip of yourself!”, Changmin said.

All 3 of them are looking worried about their leader.

“Don’t think about GaIn, even just for tonight. We should do well tonight. If you’re like that, all of us might not pull this performance off.”, SeulOng worriedly explained.
“But… But…” Kwon tried to reason out.

He let out a sigh.

“Okay then. I’m sorry guys. Could you give me a minute alone? I’ll just calm myself.” Kwon kindly asked his members to go out.

The 3 guys then left their leader alone. Hoping that he would feel better.


The concert was a huge success.

Kwon managed to get a grip of himself, even just for a while, during their performance.

GaIn also did well. Thanks to her hidden power – concealing her emptiness with a smile.

As promised, Kim is already waiting for GaIn outside the BEG dressing room. He’s sitting patiently when 2AM boys saw him.

“Oh, hyung. We’re about to go back to the dorm. Do you need a ride?” Kwon offered.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m not going home, yet.” Kim politely refused Kwon’s offer and smiled.

Jinwoon, who has been so observant on all things unconsciously asked, “Hyung, why are you in front of BEG unnies’ dressing room?”

“Uhm. I’m waiting for someone. Now, you guys go now. You must take a rest. And good job with the performance earlier.” Kim said.

Kwon knew that there’s something going on. He doesn’t want to go home. Not until he knew what Kim and GaIn has.
“Okay then. Goodnight!”

As the boys approach the car park, Kwon stopped and looked at his members.

SeulOng knew something’s going on inside Kwon’s mind.

“Don’t even think about stalking them.” SeulOng warned Kwon while staring at him, looking serious.

Kwon flinched. SeulOng know him so well.



“Gain, isn’t that like a date?” Miryo said while removing the thick make-up that she wore during their performance.

“No. It’s just a simple…uhm…friendly coffee date. It’s not as if I still have feelings for him. It has been 6 years already. I don’t feel anything for him anymore. And me getting back with him is next to impossible. This is just a simple get together of two friends who haven’t seen each other for a very long time.” GaIn explained.

Her unnies have been worried ever since she told them she saw Kim. They knew what happened between Kim and GaIn before. And they feel like GaIn being together again with Kim will not be good.

“Well then, can we come too?” Narsha asked playfully.

“Of course…NOT!” GaIn laughed. Even though she’s excited having to spend time with Kim, she still feel quite empty because Kwon didn’t even bother looking at her earlier.

Maybe he already moved on.

Her heart hurts with just the thought of it. But she pushed the thought away.

“Okay then. Just don’t be out too late. We have schedules tomorrow.” JeA said with a serious look.

“Unnie… Okay.” GaIn smiled.


Kim and GaIn decided to have coffee in a renowned cafe near the event venue.

A waiter approached them and asked for their order.

“Mine’s a…”

“Give us two venti cups of Hot Americano.” Kim looked at GaIn and smiled.

“How did you…?” GaIn hasn’t been able to finish her sentences.

“It’s your favourite, right? Remember, I never forget.” He flashed a smile again.


He knows me too well. Up until now. Maybe he really did love me within that two-year relationship.

They kept talking about random things all through the night. They talked about growing up, career, friends, old acquaintances and some of the memories they had in the past.

“I’ve learned quite a lot now. Someone told me good things come and go. Then I remember you. Let’s not be in denial now. You’re one of the greatest things that happen to me. You came. And you go. But still, I’m happy.” Kim is now seriously talking despite the smile in his face.

GaIn is taking in all of Kim’s words.

“Yeah. I know. Me too. You taught me a lot of things. Up until now, I’m still thankful.” She smiled.

They looked at each other, eye to eye, for about 10 seconds. Then they laughed.

“Haha. We’re being too sentimental now.”

“You’re the one who started it!” GaIn playfully punched Kim’s shoulders.

“Are you with someone right now?”

Crap. Why did I ask this? Erase. Erase. Erase. >.<



“Hyung…please. I won’t do anything reckless. I just want to see GaIn and talk to her. Please. I’m begging you. I’ll be back home soon.”

Kwon didn’t wait for SeulOng’s response. He quickly go back inside and searched for GaIn.

Right at that time, he saw the BEG Unnies and ran towards them.

“Uhm… Nuna…” his voice is shaking. He’s obviously nervous.

JeA and the others turned around. And to their surprise, Kwon’s standing there, looking at the floor.

“Oh. Kwon-ah.” The unnies exchange confusing, worried and nervous glances.

“Uhm… Do you happen to know where GaIn is? I really want to talk to her.”

“Kwon-ah. She’s not with us. She left earlier.”

Obviously, JeA doesn’t want Kwon to know where GaIn is. Not because she doesn’t like Kwon bothering GaIn but because she knew that if Kwon will see GaIn with Kim, he might misunderstand the situation.

“Please, Nuna. Tell me please.” His pleading eyes met JeA’s.

“Sorry Kwon-ah. We really don’t know. We have to go now. Goodbye.”

They continued walking and went in the nanny van, leaving Kwon feeling down and helpless.

GaIn. Yeobo. Where are you? I need to see you right now.


As he was walking outside the event venue, he saw GaIn.

And Kim.

In a cafe.


Looking oh-so sweet with each other.

Touching each other every once in a while.

Darn! What just happened?

Why did he hug her?!

Kwon is sad, disappointed, angry, depressed, hurt, all at the same time.

This damn hurts. I feel like dying right now. Are they already together? She does look happy. How can she move on that fast?

Maybe I was wrong to think that we can still work this out.

Maybe I was wrong to hope that we can still get back together and be happy again.

All the maybe’s and regrets kept Kwon preoccupied for another 10 minutes.

He drowned on his own thoughts. Thankfully, someone’s there to get him back.


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