The One I Love – Chapter 2


After 3 months…

Kwon is still in deep pain. He kept on missing out certain schedules, messing up performances, etc.

All because of one woman.

The woman whom he had future dreams with…

The woman whom he promised to marry and have children to…

And the woman who gave him up for the sake of his career…

Son GaIn.

He has never been better since that night…that hurtful night. He hasn’t been able to smile sincerely, not even once, since she left him.


JYP knew that he has to do something about Kwon. And now’s the right time.

He knew that what he’ll be telling Kwon will be one of the most regrettable and one of the worst decision he‘ll ever make. But still, this is the only way that could bring back the Kwon he trained for several years.

“Hyung…” Kwon said softly, as if he’s out of energy…again.

“Kwon-ah. Come in. Have a seat.” JYP gestured Kwon to sit down.

“Hyung, if this is about me messing up and being all over the place during performances over and over again, I’m really sorry. I can’t help it. I just can’t. I know you understand why I’m being like this, right? You knew, even from the start, that she’s my life…she’s my everything. And I still don’t want to let her go.” Kwon’s voice trembles as he fights the urge to cry in front of his boss.

“That’s why I called you. Look at you. I have seen your worst before…but you’re even worst now. This is not good for 2AM. You are the leader. The members are depending on you but you haven’t been doing your responsibility. I know you’re hurting, I can see that and I understand, but please Kwon, don’t make me regret my decision of making you the leader. Or else…” JYP finds the right words to say, but failed to do so. He kept his words hanging.

Kwon knew what his boss meant. It hurts. And it hurts badly. Not as bad as 3 months ago, though. It’s as if his whole world is turning into ashes right before his very eyes. Tears now start to fall down. But his face still stiff.

Should I just give up too? Will GaIn come back to me if she knew? No. She might feel more burdened if she knew I’m being like this.

“I understand. I have nothing left now but my career. I’ll get myself together and try to do better. I’m sorry again, hyung.”

Kwon didn’t wait for JYP to respond. He bowed, turned around and gently closed the door.


GaIn has been silent all throughout the ride. JeA and the others didn’t bother asking her why because they are all aware of the reason behind the silence.

-2 weeks ago-

“Now girls, this is a New Year concert. I expect you to prepare well. You’ll be performing with almost everyone from the music industry.” the manager informed the BEG.

“Well, by ‘everyone from the music industry’, you mean…?” asked JeA, the leader.

“Practically everyone as famous as you. Big Bang, SNSD, Kara, SuJu, 2PM, 2AM…” the manager stopped. She knew that the last word she said pierced through GaIn’s heart. She didn’t bother to continue.

JeA decided to break the silence.

“Okay, then. We’ll start practicing tomorrow.”

-New Year Concert Day-

GaIn is sitting in front of the mirror in the BEG dressing room, staring at nothing, feeling worried.

What if I saw him? Should I greet him? Should I talk to him? Can I even look at him? Ugh. This is killing me.

Clearly, she doesn’t know what to do. But deep inside her, she knew that she wanted to see him. Even just a glimpse of him would be enough.

“I’m going out first. I’ll just calm myself outside.” GaIn told her unnies who didn’t bother to stop her from leaving.

As she was walking through the hallway, she heard a familiar laugh. No, it’s not from Kwon. She looked around, hoping to find the owner of that distinct laugh. And there he is.

Kim…also known as the “salt room guy”.

Yes. It is him. The guy who took GaIn’s first kiss.

GaIn couldn’t believe what she’s seeing. She suddenly felt lighter.

She unconsciously walks towards him, not minding if he’s around other girls.

“Ya!” she said with a smile.

“Oh? GAIN-AH! ~”, he jumped out of his seat and immediately hugged her.

The girls who has been around him left as soon as GaIn called Kim.

“Wha…Wha…How…” Kim stutters due to over excitement in seeing GaIn.

“Why are you here? I mean, what are you doing here?” GaIn can’t hide her smile.

“My band will be accompanying some of the performers’ songs tonight.” Kim explained.

“How about you? My god. It’s been too long! I’ve missed you!” he hugged GaIn again, now more tightly than the first one.

“We’ll also be performing tonight.” GaIn said with a warm smile.

Kim held GaIn’s hand naturally.

“Oh I see. We should go get a coffee after the event. My treat.”

He smiled. The smile that made GaIn’s heart melt 6 years ago.

“Okay then.” GaIn answered shyly.


Another familiar voice.


“Oh there you are!” Kim released his grip from GaIn’s hand and waved to the owner of the voice.

“I’ll be waiting outside your dressing room later”, he whispered and gave GaIn a wink.

Don’t turn around or you’ll regret it. Don’t. Don’t.

GaIn turned around. There she saw 4 very familiar faces.


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