Jo Kwon’s The Day I Confessed Performance on Music Core

Adam couple fans are really excited to see what Jo Kwon will do on his first (and maybe the last) live performance of his song “The Day I Confessed”.

He definitely didn’t let their fans down since he pulled off a really really great perf. Me and friends from BEG Int’l Forums are all so hyped up before and after the performance.

It’s just too cute.

Also, GaIn appeared at the last chorus, dancing with the other dancers, without Kwon knowing anything about it.

Kwon tweeted that he didn’t know GaIn danced during his performance and he just learned about it when he watched it on monitor afterward. He thought the crowd screamed louder because of him. haha Well, the crowd did scream louder because of THEM.

Anyways, here’s the link. Prepare to be hyped up, people~ 😀

Jo KWON – The Day I Confessed (Music Core)

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