Narsha’s Bbi-ri-bop-a MV, a religious controversy?

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s solo title song music video is becoming a hot debate.

Narsha’s first solo title song ‘Bbi-Ri-Bop-A’ music video has been recently released.
After the release of the mv teaser, the music video with colorful visuals and a dreamlike feel, has been garnering netizens attention.

However after the release of the full mv, the music video shows Narsha in a nun outfit that is covered in blood and the crown Narsha is wearing, reminding us of jesus christ’s crown of thorns, caused some netizens to frown in disbelief.

One netizen said “I don’t know if its because I’m christian, but after seeing the nun outfit covered in blood and turning into a crow really shocked me.”
Then another netizen said, “it IS shocking to see a nun covered in blood and the crown of thorns that reminds us of Jesus”, “this mv might cause an issue because of the religious scenes” said another netizen.

Narsha’s showcase was held on the 8th and revealed her activity plans. She will begin her activities on KBS 2TV’s music program “Music Bank” on the 9th.

Source: 박미애@Edaily ; Cr: LOVEISBEG ; Trans: snjeung@BEG Int’l Forum

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