(100625) Narsha’s quirky fashion set

Brown Eyed Girls‘ member Narsha recently posted a quirky photo showing off her short legs, causing laughter among netizens.

Recently through her minihompy, Narsha posted a photo that was taken on site during a filming session of KBS Invincible Youth. In the photo (pictured above), Narsha is seen wearing a bright yellow jacket top with spotted red pants similar to children clothing, but the photo seems a bit odd due to the fact that her height was too short.

Regarding her height shown in the photo, Narsha commented, “I came out too short,” showing her somewhat regretful feelings. Netizens who also viewed the picture sympathized with the singer as they commented, “I was going to call you ‘child idol’ but I saw your short self and teared a little,” and “Anyone who wears that type of clothing would come out short,”.

Meanwhile, Narsha is also currently busy with activities as a radio DJ.

CR : allkpop ; Vii@beg int’l forum

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